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Nobody in this world knows where it came from.

An exploration into the magma under Yellowstone brought it to us. Then, the young Foundation knew not of its weight, and could only follow a string of procedures, give it a number, put it in a box, and slowly but surely carry out research.

With the accumulation of knowledge, we gradually understood what it was. The whole Foundation was enveloped in a nightmare, half of them unable to face the idea that history could all be a lie, and the other half fearful of the myriad apocalypses that could emerge at any moment. We were forced to shelve it, using amnestics and classified documents to tranquilize ourselves, hoping in vain that it would only be a nightmare that proved to not exist.

But it did exist, to the point that it suffered wear and tear, errors and bugs, and forced us to construct new worlds on top of these errors, hoping that everything could still be normal. It was not a panacea that could perfectly reboot the world. This deus ex machina could not be disobeyed, and we poor humans could only follow the roads it set if we wanted to enter the new era.

All this time, we're afraid the only thing we did right was to give it an SCP number.

SCP-2000 is first and foremost an anomaly, and a decaying one at that.



DENY! DENY! DENY! - by DouglasLiu
- “SCP-2000 cannot speak.”

List of Missing Books - by breaddddd & RosaliaXD
- “Why are we so sure this is the Jailors' fault?”

A Tree Rotten Inside (Series) - by W Asriel
Awakening · Decision · Exchange · Duty · Journey · to be continued
- “A tree rotting from the inside can still live.”

Phage's Proposal - Yellowstone Memoirs by Agent Phage
- “After this span of 300 years, civilization will return to the Common Era and truly enter tomorrow.”

A Theory About Giant Pandas, Which May Not Be Correct - by breaddddd & RosaliaXD
- “Is there a possibility — and I'm saying there is — that the giant panda has already become extinct?”

Critter Profile: Dormio! - by DouglasLiu & RosaliaXD
- “Remember them. Remember us at Wilson's. Remember us.”


Writing Guide

Transcription Malfunctioned surrounds the end of the world, the SCP-2000 facility's errors, SCP-2000's errors causing the facility to fail to correctly recreate the world prior to its end, and the various aspects of recovering from this situation.>

The following are the key characteristics of this canon:

Recreating the world is hard. In many SCP works, SCP-2000 is just a "reset button", providing an easy, convenient way for writers and readers to reset the world. However, in this canon, we need to think of this problem: in reality, after an earthquake or tsunami, there's a concerted effort to save the injured, and a long rebuilding process. In that case, surely a disaster that can destroy the whole of civilization can't be reversed so "easily", right?

In the Transcription Malfunctioned canon, we place the point of view in the midst of the details of rebuilding the world, emphasizing the reality of this period of time. Each article can have its own unique viewpoint, meaning how each article interprets the process might be different, but the important parts should all be the same.

SCP-2000 will restore everything. Different authors and readers have different understandings of this "deus ex machina". Some view it as a "humanoid replicator", to repopulate the earth; some believe that besides remaking a few important people, the rest are all randomly generated civilians. There is no right or wrong, but these do not fit the image of this canon.
In this canon, SCP-2000's restart needs to be a bit more detailed, in order to complete it's mission of "ensuring the continuity of history" while remaining undetected to civilians. With this concept in mind, its capabilities and responsibilities encompass a larger area, and involve repopulating animals, forging records, falsifying memories — and the Foundation needs to explain everything.

Bugs must be fixed manually. One of the core elements of this canon is, of course, errors. During the process of recreating the world, SCP-2000 encounters some form of error, and is unable to perfectly restart the world. Facing an imperfect SCP-2000, all humanity can do is fill the holes it leaves, so they can pretend the restarted world is as it always was, while being shrouded in doubt.

As previously mentioned, SCP-2000 needs to be able to perform its task perfectly even with the complete destruction of human civilization. As such, it touches on many different aspects, which can all experience bugs, which leads to the story.

The above is enough to give you an overall understanding of this canon. The listed works are the true stars of the canon; please base your understanding on them.

What can I write?

We welcome everyone with an interest in the canon. This is a relatively relaxed canon; the previously listed points are a sort of summary, and not restrictions on works. You are welcome to innovate.

Here are some common ideas: Why did SCP-2000 break? What parts are broken, what effects did this cause, and how does the Foundation deal with these errors? What do other groups think about this, and how were they affected?

Alternatively, you may want some concrete ideas:

  • A researcher discovers his most hated celery is gone and cannot be restored
  • A secret database in Yellowstone indicates that many iterations ago, humans had tails
  • John Doe always felt that there was a mall to the north of his house and not a field
  • The personality and memories of someone's lover is placed into their rival post-reset
  • Why did we have to build this thing? When did we do it? How long have we been doing it? Do we even know?!
  • There was supposed to be an idea here, but it got corrupted :(

I still have questions!

You may raise them in the comments or contact the authors.

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