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Travel by Public Funds

~Holidays Memories of Foundation

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- Tole Catalog -

- The end of the road seem out of reach.

- “It’s just tactical advice.”

- Scarlet shivered, He watched as his assistant pulled out a black handgun made by Glock.

- “I should fucking know earlier, Foundation don’t have fucking public funds travel at all!”

- That’s OK, Conceal and Cheat are very different.

- Thank you very much…A bowl of tegu soup ramen and a bottle of sake

- “Where are the things we asked you to bring?”

- You will never find the answers.

- He supported the Kuroshio, sank in the lights, the night wind blowing away the hot and humid, warm all night.

- The lonely little bar is for lonely people.

- Home? The men who work for Foundation doesn’t have a home, we don’t even be trusted anymore.

- They all gone……Only you and me now……

- We complete the mission you don’t finish it. Rest in peace, bro, have a nice day in that world1

- Raindrops are beating on my umbrella, as heavy as the plain story.

- But the night rain never seems to stop.

- Sometimes, they yearn for a normal life. But they will never give up their mission. Because they can only do their justice by themselves.

- “Buttoned, as I expected。”

- “We should leave them something.”

- Everything has their origins, It's just that sometimes we forget we have it.

- "That's just because……you are my friend."

- Writing Instructions -

This canon is an openness canon. It’s mainly talked about the experiences of the researchers use different ways to get public funds based on different reasons to do work outside of the site and use some amazing or special ways to solve the problem. The main style is harmonic because I hope that we can see some warm stories and some good-ends.

But, as I showed in the first article, the Universe of Foundation is still dark and twisted. So just follow your own to write the article_ (:」∠)_

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