All We Did Was For Naught


I don't know why I'm recording this. Order of the O5. The only clue I have is something about "testing and studying" of extradimensional Foundations; whatever it is, I'm gonna do my best to make this recording and still make the most of this moment.

Yes, the time has come.

We all wasted our lives searching for knowledge about the world… the universe, just so that in the end it would all come to an end.

I don't understand humanity.

I would never deny that all these questions that hang around our heads makes us what we are, but in the end the prevailing idea is that the universe doesn't stop being what it is, whatever it is. And the fact that we understand it is meaningless. They say knowledge is something that makes us better. In fact, however, knowledge can also be something that responds to our selfishness. We know because we want to know, and nothing else. I have spent my entire life seeking this knowledge. Everything was for naught.

I don't understand myself.

Its seems to me that I didn't introduce myself. I didn't reveal any name, age, history, title. What does it matter now?

Everything that fascinated me, interested me, unanswered things, usually. Things I didn't understand, but could always learn more from. Things that defied the laws of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and every other science of which we had limited knowledge.

And that's exactly how I felt about my studies with SCP-███. I've spent my whole life studying, analyzing, and being more and more surprised by this anomaly. There is nothing more interesting than a healthy human with some physical anomaly. As you study the monster behind it all, there is also the angel. The human side that cries out for answers and solutions. Just a cure. That is…until you get used to it. Then, coexistence becomes easier and easier, as it is possible to perceive each feeling and expression on the subject's face while trying to understand them, study them, and realize how despite the change, the subject coexists with the anomaly.

Currently, SCP-███ is at large, and its location is unknown, as are all other non-aggressive sapient objects and D-Class personnel. I don't miss them. I know that if there's somewhere to go to after the big event, we'll meet there. Me, free of studies and worries and them, free of their anomaly.

It's good to think that after everything that happened before and after me… before the Foundation… to think that all of this will come to a conclusion. To think that just yesterday, we were all worried about studies, work, politics, among other things, and in a single night, it all completely lost its meaning.

I can already feel the change in the air. Changes in the atmosphere. The way people see life. Just a moment to relax and contemplate the horizon, keeping in mind that everything we've done as humans beings will come to a definite end1. An inevitable end, one that we were all hoping would happen, but we didn't know when. And that's something that makes me particularly happy. Knowing that everything will end in such a spectacular and beautiful end. Death is usually something we fear. But this, this is as comforting as lying down on a pile of feathers and cotton, to the tune of soft music.

Flowers and plants have already started to take over the facility. Azaleas, Roses and Camellias overwhelm our eyes. The sun is brighter than ever. The time has come for us to say goodbye, disregarding the fact that everything we've done with the future in mind will never come to fruition and that our entire history has been for naught. It's time to stop this recording, insert it into the dimensional teleporter and just contemplate the total destruction of our entire planet, with no regrets. There is no more time to regret it. There is nothing left to show but pure and full peace.

The World's Gone Beautiful.

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