Takeover of the SCP Foundation
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Foreword: When the USA surrendered, and along with Canada and the free state of Alaska, formed the Federal Colony of North America, we finally gained access to the SCP-Foundation, the organization which captured paranormalies worldwide, long before the war, to contain them and let them vegetate in their prison, leaving their potential unused. They are stating to be independent from the government, but their financial sources and the machinations of their "O5"-council suggested something different. When they became aware that we wouldn't let them do as they liked they tried to escape, destroyed their facilities and in the end tried to use paranormalies against us, despite their doctrine.

Admittedly, it was not easy and lasted until short after the cleansing of the North American Colony from unwanted races and ideologies, until we overcame the Foundation. After the liquidation of their leaders and threatening to transfer them to T-class, lots of their personal was eager to join us.

The knowledge and countless paranormalies we found there helped us to completely gain independence from the SS, and even to surpass them.

Whereabouts of SCP's:
The following is an excerpt of a list of paranormalies of the SCP Foundation and their whereabouts:

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