A Quiet Day at Site 34
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A room.

Two women.

Ten men.

All nudes.

It's not a bukkake.

A dozen half-naked people locked in a darkened room, waiting for the sprinklers to turn on in the showers is not a situation that one would expect to end well, much less if the Foundation is involved. But in reality the context was much more innocent (no, not innocent, harmless), they were a group of technicians, scientists and a couple of agents who underwent the decontamination protocol to enter level 6 of Site-34, where they were kept Biological SCPs very dangerous or very fragile.

The decontamination protocol included the equivalent of being steamed, being put in a microwave oven, receiving ultraviolet rays for the equivalent of two months of sun exposure and being showered with substances whose real names had 15 or more letters. And that was not even the worst of all decontamination procedures, that title belonged to the protocol Level 4 € "Euripides", which included, among other things, temporarily eliminate the normal bacterial flora of your intestine, something that would not be so unpleasant if there was not a suppository in between.

Now all of them were in the L-3 camera, in their underwear, illuminated by a dim red light and waiting to be bathed in a warm yellowish liquid, which left a bad taste in the mouth and stung the eyes, but which was excellent for killing germs. But there was a pressure problem in the pipes and only faint trickles fell from the ceiling, and now they waited patiently while the technicians tried to fix the damage.

Most of those who waited there did so with a look between uncomfortable and bored in their faces, but also had formed several couples who were talking to each other, like that of doctors Castillo and Von Braun.

—The difference between pedophilia and ephebophilia —continued Von Braun— is that the pedophile is only interested in prepubescent girls, while the ephebiloph is interested in adolescents, and not even exclusively, may well be attracted to by women —or men— adults. For the pedophile the object of their desires is ruined when they reach 12 or 13 years, that is when they reach puberty, but for the average ephebophile is at that age when things start to get interesting…Something happens, esteemed Dr. Castillo?, because you have a face…

—Well…how did we get into this kind of discussion? I asked him how he was during his stay in Antarctica, in the Russian base that…

—Oh, yes, excuse me, is that when I get bored I easily distract myself, and this is a subject that really bores me…Do you want me to describe in a few words the months I spent at the polo? A fucking cold punch.

Another couple that had formed spontaneously was that of Dr. Ozawa and Agent Collazos. Both talked animatedly and did not seem uncomfortable in the least because they were the only women and were in their underwear as well as the men around them. Physically they were also a very dissimilar duo, Dr. Ozawa was tall, slender, with pale skin, a pretty face and delicate features. Half German, half Jewish and half Japanese, she used to joke that this was explained because she was "a very complex person"

The Agent Collazos on the other hand was of Peruvian descent, very dark, with mestizo features and no more than one meter 60 in height, surprisingly low for a field agent, in addition she had multiple tattoos all over her body, a spider web, a spider weaving that web, an Inca sun, an Egyptian cross, etc., in addition to the phrase "Descendit et fruendum" tattooed on her lower abdomen, which in a very poor Latin could be translated as "low and go for it", along with a small arrow pointing to a certain part of its anatomy.

And what were so interesting ladies talking about?

—It was my first trip in a submarine and also in one that was a real antique, a Russian nuclear submarine of the Soviet era, which without a doubt the Foundation bought very cheap —Dr. Ozawa said— Strait and suffocating, and we would travel almost everything submerged time, we would only come to the surface once every three days and only for half an hour, can you imagine it?

—I can, I remember reading once that the most pronounced word in a submarine is "excuse me", because you run into each other with the other crew.

—That's right, and that was not the worst. I was the only woman in a crew of almost fifty, and there were no facilities specially prepared for women, which I did not really care about, except for the showers.

—The showers?— Agent Collazos asked.

—That's right, there were only a couple of showers for the entire crew, and a system of shifts that they followed strictly, they had the courtesy of assigning me a schedule at a good distance from the rest of the crew's shifts, but the showers themselves were not more than a pair of narrow and dark metal cylinders, originally designed to carry missiles…When they explained the system to me, the sailor who showed them to me warned me very kindly: "Do you know ma'am ?, in this submarine we are more than fifty , all men, mostly young and healthy, with needs, and the showers are the only place with some privacy. So it's not uncommon for showers to last a little longer than necessary because…well…What I mean is that although we wash the inside of the showers every week, it's not a good idea for you to support your hands or any part of the body on the walls of the cylinder…be warned."

—Did he say that for…?

—Yes, for that.


—At least I never had a shower while we were on the surface, where the movement of the sea made one stagger from side to side.

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