A Ghost of the Past
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Dr. Valeker was in his office, inside the facilities of the Foundation's Site-34. He was involved in the revision of some documents related to a recent operation of the Castellanos-V Protocol. His desk was a complete mess with his right hand on his head, and a cigarette between his fingers. The rest of other cigarettes filled the ashtray.

Suddenly, among so many documents, he saw something strange. A faded envelope that rested on the wood. Valeker thought he had overlooked it due to fatigue.

He stopped his reading and left the document in his hand. He looked for his letter opener and broke the envelope, took out a piece of paper. It seemed to be a letter, he carefully unfolded it, the material seemed to be very old. He began to read.

Good day, Dr. Valeker.

Yes, I know who you are. We have been watching you these last years, all your movements, since you escaped. Do not believe for a second that we have forgotten you, although we do not hold a grudge, much less hatred. In the end you were a great friend and a great companion.

I still remember when you arrived as new at Complex-B21. You had no idea of ​​anything, and - although it is not the time for melancholy - I received you under my wing. You learned fast and well, becoming the head of several investigations. And even if you, like everyone else, have tried their best, it was not enough, and in the end the war ended. And not for good.

It's a new world, William, and there's no place for old men like us. However, being sincere we all have a mission in this life, and duty only ends with death. And you have something that belongs to us. I'm still amazed at how you escaped Directive #99, and even more about how you got those documents. But I think that now does not matter anymore…

"The only animal is man," you liked that phrase, and I never get to understand it until now. Maybe you will not forgive me for what I'm going to do, but it's the only way, William, I hope you still have the ring with you, so this It will not be so difficult for either of you.

Avoid the punishment.


General K. Greymann

KOEV-Section I

"Bellum usque ad mortem"

William? William Valeker? John Valeker could not believe it, that letter was addressed to his grandfather, who died a long time ago. But why him? He thought to himself. His father could also be, William Valeker Jr., but he did not understand.

The ring, he knew what he meant. It was a family heirloom, nothing anomalous - as far as he knew - some peculiar events had happened to him while he carried it. But that document, that piece of paper seemed to make sense of everything.

- John, take this ring, it's a gift for you

—Thanks Dad!

-Protect it, it's a gift from your grandfather, it was mine before, and now it's yours

- My grandpa?

- Yes, he was in the war as well as dad, that's where he found this beautiful ring. But evil people want it to do bad things, so now it's your turn to protect it. "

Still sitting, he remembered the words his father had told him when he was just a child, before he disappeared under strange circumstances. He touched the ring with his fingers while looking at nowhere.

"You were right, man, you were right," he said quietly before lighting another cigarette.

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