One of the Spider's Eight Eyes
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The snake crept as much as it could to the nearby park, in pain and squirming. It didn't understand what was happening to its body and mind, and, little by little, in that painful process, it saw how limbs began to stick out from its body. Six in total were the legs it now possessed.

Unfortunately for it, suddenly, another equally painful process began; the reptile obtained eight eyes with which it could see more than it could perceive. And from its mouth, more fangs began to emerge, now numbering four.

During its metamorphosis, what was once a snake, stood up and fell several times, until it managed to keep its balance. Gradually, it adapted to its new limbs and, slowly, it began to become faster and more elusive.

It managed to adapt quickly, and began to move. It climbed the nearest tree, and observed the chaos in the suburbs. Being attracted by it, it climbed down the tree, and began its journey towards the city. On its way, it saw animals and objects that underwent the same metamorphosis. The animals were not hostile to it, but upon closer inspection, both creatures were terrified by their appearance.

Soon its journey would be interrupted by a strange sound. The snake, fascinated and curious, explored and discovered that it came from a semi-lit alley. It made its way over the rooftops, and contemplated how the entire landscape was dirty, full of silk, bones and cobwebs. Soon, the snake spotted a human in the depths of the darkness.

It watched cautiously, and, to its surprise, it was not one, but several humans clustered in the corner of the alley, possessing characteristics similar to those of the snake. They were motionless, and seemed to be waiting for some unfortunate person who decided to show up, or enter their nest. They were hungry, but relaxed, knowing that curiosity would attract their next prey.

But, to the snake's misfortune, that group of humans became aware of its presence. They stared at it for a few seconds, and slowly approached the snake. It hissed at them in fright, and like its predators, it moved slowly, albeit in the opposite direction. But unfortunately for it, the beasts that were trying to hunt it were closer. It was terrified.

It didn't hesitate for a moment, and ran away in fear, managing to get ahead of its predators. But one of the beasts was able to grab it by the tail, and, among others, began to scratch until they tore its skin. The snake screamed in pain, and, with great effort, broke free from the hands of its predators. Seriously wounded, the snake returned to the park where it came from.

Bleeding, and on the verge of death, the snake coiled up, and with its blank stare, it noticed that all the objects around it were taking on the appearance of a spider. Just like itself.

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