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"What is the highest mountain in Japan?"

Maybe this is the most famous quiz in Japan. Of course, the answer is "Mt. Fuji". Even kindergartener know this answer.

"The highest mountain in Japan is Mt. Fuji, but what is the second highest mountain in Japan?"

Although not as popular as the previous one, this quiz is also well known. The answer is "Mt. Kita". This mountain is located in the northern part of the Akaishi Mountains, is venerable mountain which appeared in the poem in the Kokin Wakashū, and has an altitude of 3,193 meters.

Not just Mt. Kita, there are lined with high mountains in the area as the name "roof of Japan" suggests. However, not all these towering mountains are extremely high.

Well, don't misunderstand. I don't mean to discuss the merits of mountains by taking up one factor called altitude. That's not what I want to talk about, but well—

I think It's really bad.

In the room, there was a little animal. The creature which looks like a furball with long tail, resembled to Japanese dormouse if I had to say. However, its eyes never reflected light again. It was because this creature was drowned. The creature, formerly known as SCP-███-JP, was a air-breathing creature. It was a creature which would die within 1 minute when immersed headfirst in water.

The body of the creature was floating around the room, drifting aimlessly and silently. It was not due to its anomalous property. It was because the whole room was submerged. It was just that buoyancy was generated by the gas produced in the body.

There was no one to detect it. It was because the whole building was submerged. Just like the poor Japanese dormouse, human-shaped lumps of flesh were lying around. The non-waterproof machines and instruments were also silent. The power supply had stopped and there was only silence.

Site-81██, which once had one of the highest altitudes among facilities in Japan, is now at the bottom of the sea. This small facility, built in a remote locaton, only contained a few Safe Class anomalies. In addition, any of them would have to be changed their Object Class to Neutralized once they were submerged. Foundation personnel who managed to escape the flood, like Noah who built an Ark and washed ashore on Mt. Ararat, could not afford to come to retrieve these objects.

As the sea level have risen, scavengers living in relatively shallow water also surfaced near Site-81██. Their olfactory receptors were sensitive to the smell of fresh food.

Just as land-dwelling dormice do not need gills to breathe underwater, the structures of Site-81██ was not intended for long-term exposure to water with high chloride ion content. Because there was so close to the sea surface, oxygen was easily supplied, so it didn't take much time for them to rust, crumble, and decay.

The remains of the connected vaccum pump could no longer withstand the water pressure, and the cracks began to open, allowing seawater to flow into the containment cell.

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