Experiment log #066-DE-P1
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This is a list of tests of spells from SCP-066-DE. Keep in mind that at this time the now annulled Secure Containment Procedures were in place. Repetitive tests and such without new insights are omitted here and are available in the full protocol #066-DE-P1V.

Test No. 1

Tested spell: Magical Armor

Cost/Level: 20T / Adept

Notes: The test subject is asked to search for a desired harmless sounding spell. The test is carried out by D-class personnel.

Test: The subject casts the spell according to the instructions. It does not seem to have any visible effect. After a few seconds, the subject complains about dizziness, headache, and nausea. Moments later the subject throws up multiple times. After rejecting to take part in more tests, the subject is being terminated (without interference by a "magical armor").

Result: In the next test one of the easiest spells should be tested.

Test No. 2

Tested spell: Illumination

Cost/Level: 5T / Apprentice

Notes: This is the most harmless sounding spell for 5 "T''. The subject is called subject-2 hereafter. The test is carried out by D-class personnel.

Test: Subject-2 casts the spell according to the instructions. His right palm starts to emit light. Subject-2 panics and has to be calmed down with drugs.

Result: The light can be focused to a beam similar to a flashlight, by movement of the fingers.


Test No. 6

Tested spell: Energy-bolt

Cost/Level: 10T / Adept

Notes: This is the first tested spell of the level “Adept” after Test Nr. 1 and the first spell from the category "Battlemagic". The test is carried out by Subject-2 who already has carried out 4 tests. The test is carried out by D-class personnel.

Test: Subject-2 casts the spell according to the instructions. In his right hand, a luminescent blue-violet sphere the size of a ping-pong ball appears, which seems to be a relatively cold plasma, according to the evaluation of the recordings. The subject throws the sphere at a target, painted to the concrete wall. The sphere bursts into several bolts of electricity and deals damage to the surface.

Result: Subject-2 reports to feel better and more safe when testing spells recently. An incident during Test No. 7 has shown that ballistic vests grant certain protection against this spell.

Test No. 7

Tested spell: Heal wound

Cost/Level: 15T / Adept

Notes: The active subject (Subject-2) already has carried out 5 tests at this time and has learned to stay calm. The passive subject is fixated on a cot and gets a surgically inflicted wound on its arm. The test is carried out by D-class personnel.

Test: Subject-2 casts the spell according to the instructions. The wound of the passive subject closes and heals within 10 minutes without leaving a scar. This process is described to be uncomfortable but not painful.

Result: Subject-2 is euphoric about his success and tries to cast another spell without permission by Dr. Baum. As security guards enter the room, the subject casts an energy-bolt like in Text No. 6. The bolt hits one of the guards in the leg and inflicts an electric shock of circa 1000 V and a respective burn. The second guard is being hit at the bulletproof vest by another energy-bolt, which is torn open, though the guard remains unhurt and shoots and kills Subject-2.
Battlemagic is not to be tested anymore for now.

[…] A new subject, hereafter called Subject-3, is being trained.

Test No. 12

Tested spell: Distance Fire-shield

Cost/Level: 30T / Adept 50T / Master

Notes: Subject-3 has already carried out 4 tests and is confident to carry out the originally planned spell “Distance” for 30“T”. The test is carried out by D-class personnel.

Test: Subject-3 opens the spell "Fire-Shield" instead of "Distance", which is visible to surveillance cameras. She refuses to cooperate, even after pointing out that the components required according to the instructions are missing. She incantates the spell; after 3 seconds a circle of flames appears around her on the floor. 5 seconds later and amid sardonic laughter by the subject, the flames begin to grow and to engulf her. After another 4 seconds, the whole testing chamber seems to be filled by flames. The manually enabled fire sprinkler seems to have no effect. After circa 30 seconds the fire vanishes promptly.

Result: Save for a charred circle, where the flames appeared first, the fire has left no traces of soot. Not even ashes of Subject-3 and her clothes were left.
Two observers in the control room (which is connected to the testing chamber by a thick protective glass) reported having seen a large humanoid silhouette next to the subject. The recordings of the surveillance cameras also show something there, which could be interpreted as a humanoid shape. This is to be considered imagination and not to be further investigated, at the command of Dr. Baum. (Note O4-4 — In hindsight, this entity is classified SCP-066-DE-1).

Comment of Dr. Baum: We should try more trustworthy personnel. Maybe deluding its victims to presumption is a side effect of 066.

[…] An experienced guard of level 2, who already has guarded multiple Keter-class SCPs, and who has been rated absolutely loyal in all personality tests, is being trained and was promised a leading position in the security department of Site-DE4 and a promotion to personnel class B. He is hereafter called “Subject-4”.

Test No. 14

Tested spell: Illumination

Cost/Level: 5T / Apprentice

Notes: This is the second test of the guard. The test is carried out by C-class personnel.

Test: Subject-4 misspeaks and pronounces “█gn████” like “█ng████”. After 3 seconds he begins to severely throw up, while light shines out of his mouth.

Result: The subjects have to memorize the incantations, before executing a spell.

[…] After some recovery time the tests are continued.

Test No. 17

Tested spell: Neutralize Magic

Cost/Level: 20T / Adept

Notes: This is the first "antimagic" spell. The testing object is an anomalous item considered worthless. The test is carried out by Subject-4 (C-class personnel).

Test: Subject-4 flawlessly casts the spell. The anomalous item flashes up shortly.

Result: The anomalous effect of the testing-item as been neutralized and the object became normal. After a standard period quarantine, it was burned in the waste disposal.

Comment of Dr. Baum: If that also works with SCPs, we should consider classification as Thaumiel.


Test No. 20

Tested spell: Sensing Magic / Astral-Vision

Cost/Level: 5T Apprentice / 10T Adept

Notes: Subject-4 already has carried out 7 tests without incident. Now for the first time, an analysis-spell is to be tested. In the description of "Astral-Vision" it is recommended to carry out a "Sensing Magic" beforehand, as well as not to “gaze into Real- and Astral-Space simultaneously”. As the component is a lens, one eye of Subject-4 is closed with a plaster. The test is carried out by C-class personnel.

Detailed testing protocol:

Result: Subject-4 stays apathetic after amnesiation. The usual euthanasia in such cases is suspended on the request of Dr. Baum. The eye the subject tried to tear out has been heavily damaged and had to be removed. Analysis-spells are not to be tested until further notice.

Comment of Dr. Baum: I'm having one or two tests, for which I would like Mr. ██████████ to participate in as a passive subject.

[…] Another guard with the same profile as the former is being trained and promised the same. He is hereafter called “Subject-5”.

Test No. 31

Tested spell: Hand of Dread

Cost/Level: 35T / Master

Notes: This is the tenth test of Subject-5. The goal of this test is to test a spell level "Master" of which "Hand of Dread" is the one with the lowest costs. This test is carried out by C-class personnel (active) and D-class personnel (passive).

Test: The passive subject (class D) is fixated in standing position. Subject-5 prepares and casts the spell flawlessly. The palm of his left hand, which was the target of the spell, begins to emit pallid violet light and is surrounded by slight violet flashes. Subject-5 puts his hand on the chest of the passive subject. The glow vanishes from his hand and changes over to the contact area. The skin in an area a few cm bigger than the hand of Subject-5 becomes black and necrotic. Violet flashes are flashing from the glow and tear the skin open to reveal more necrotic tissue underneath, which begins under a strong foul smell to liquefy and to run out of the wound. After about 10 seconds, the glow and flashes vanish. The passive subject seems to be more horrified than in pain during the conjuring.

Result: The spell has resulted in a 3 cm deep, necrotic hole in the chest of the passive subject. The necrosis even has dissolved bone, but did not kill the subject, and does not spread faster than necroses usually do. The passive subject has been euthanized and Subject-5 as well as three guards, a researcher, and a cleaner have been treated with short-time amnestics by request.

Comment of Dr. Baum: I think I've never puked so much, and I have worked with SCP-███-DE. No more battle-magic! Never! Especially no ones with "dread" in the name.


Test No. 35

Tested spell: Return

Cost/Level: 50T / Master

Notes: This is the fourteenth test of Subject-5, who will take the active part. Subject-4, who is still apathetic since test No. 20 takes the passive part. The purpose of the test is to regrow the eye of Subject-4. The test is carried out by C-class personnel.

Test: Subject-4 is fixated in a horizontal position. Outside of testing, the chamber is waiting for an anesthetist, a trauma surgeon along with assistant and instruments, in case of an emergency. Subject-5 prepares and casts the spell flawlessly. At first, the spell seems to have no effect, then Subject-4 begins to groan and twist. After 2 minutes, he begins to scream in pain. Subject-5 is allowed to leave the room while the anesthetist enters and administers anesthesia, as recommended in the description of the spell. The anesthetist reports having seen a small lump of tissue forming in the eye socket. Within 6 hours a new eye grows in the eye socket.

Result: From a medical point of view, the eye is without saliencies and reacts to outer stimuli. Subject-4 remains apathetic though.


Test No. 42

Tested spell: Order mind

Cost/Level: 60T / Grandmaster

Notes: Subject-5 so far has carried out all spells flawlessly and this is one of the spells of level "Grandmaster" with the least cost. Subject-5 takes the active, Subject-4 the passive part. The test is carried out by C-class personnel.

Test: Subject-4 is fixated in a horizontal position. Subject-5 casts the spell flawlessly. Subject-4 startles up, looks around the room, seems disoriented, and asks some expected questions (he was amnestized after Test No. 20).

Result: Subject-4 recovers and after a quarantine is found fully operational again. He claims that his memories reach until shortly before the preparations of Test No. 20. He claims to see normally with the eye from the tests No. 20 and 35.

Comment of Dr. Baum: Could we really be able to reverse the effects of memetic incidents? A few more tests and I will officially propose to classify 066 as Thaumiel.

For the subsequent events of Incident #066-DE-I1, see Incident Log #066-DE-I1 (Security Clearance Level 3/066-DE required)

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