Video Files 116-DE
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The following is the content of video files 116-DE-1 through -6, which were recovered during a raid on a base belonging to Raptor Tec. Industries. They show SCP-116-DE-1 during its apparent confinement at a facility of the Group of Interest.

116-DE-1: A white hall measuring approximately 15 x 25 x 4 m can be seen. The only access to the room is a sliding door that appears to be made of steel. The door is about to open and SCP-116-DE-1 is brought into the room. It is fixed in a wire frame through which it hangs in the air. Its weapon systems are sealed with steel clamps. The scaffold is on wheels that allow transporting the array with the help of a large forklift. SCP-116-DE vibrates in its restraints and revs his engine while in neutral gear repeatedly. The personnel does not seem to be bothered by this and places SCP-116-DE-1 in the hangar without incident.

116-DE-2: Five people in blue coveralls enter the hall. They are carrying tools, some of which cannot be identified. SCP-116-DE-1 revs his engine several times while in neutral gear in response. Undisturbed, the individuals attach several unidentifiable instruments to SCP-116-DE-1. Nothing happens for several minutes, then the personnel apparently receive new instructions over the radio. Two men use large axes and hammers and destroy SCP-116-DE-1's fenders and doors. The broken debris is collected by the rest of those present and taken away. SCP-116-DE-1 emits shrill honking sounds. The video ends.

116-DE-3: The personnel on the video re-enter the hall. SCP-116-DE-1 responds as in the last video. The personnel go to the rear of SCP-116-DE-1 and start working on the trunk with a circular saw and a welding torch. When a steel clamp is accidentally damaged in the process, SCP-116-DE-1 extends its machine gun as the remaining clamps can no longer keep the trunk lid from "folding" and opens fire. Three people are fatally shot, however one man manages to disable the gun using a sledgehammer. Other people, apparently paramedics, rush into the room. The video ends.

116-DE-4: Two men can be seen under SCP-116-DE-1. They appear to be taking apart the underbody using drills and cutters. SCP-116-DE-1 emits shrill honking sounds throughout the procedure. The hearing protection worn by the personnel seems to be equipped with a radio, as a short conversation was recorded.

Person A: Bah, fucking thing! How deep does it go in there!

Person B: Deep as a mine, that thing.

Person A: It's amazing the guys at the lab don't just scrap the thing. It killed Jakob, Tina and Björn, damn it!

Person B: Don't scrap it, it won't get away from me that easily. I don't know if he honks in pain, but I hope he does.

Person A: Hmm, interesting thought. Hey, let's see where it hurts the most.

Person A puts a drill bit in a spot on the subfloor and starts drilling. SCP-116-DE-1's horn increases in volume. The video ends.

116-DE-5: SCP-116-DE-1 is no longer hanging in the wire frame. It is lying upside down on the ground, unable to move because its wheels have been removed. Several people can be seen pulling off its remaining coachwork. Meanwhile, a man stands on the underbody and pulls out an unidentifiable component from it. He then places it on a wheelbarrow, which is wheeled away. SCP-116-DE-1's headlights flicker dimly. The vehicle can be seen being disassembled more and more. After SCP-116-DE-1 is completely disassembled, the video ends.

116-DE-6: Several people can be seen throwing SCP-116-DE-1's parts into a large steel container. One man is apparently about to bend down to pick up the remains of the engine when it suddenly begins to shake. The man recoils and alerts the others present with a startled exclamation. Two other people approach the remnant and look at it briefly. Then two of them grab the piece and lift it up. The piece suddenly emits the sounds of a P 65/66 two-cylinder gasoline engine starting, whereupon it is dropped by the bearers in fright. Loud shouts can be heard and all personnel can be seen retreating to the entrance of the hall. The engine piece, meanwhile, gains mass in a previously unknown way and repairs itself, while it sounds as if it revs in neutral gear. Once the engine is complete, all the components around it begin to "grow." This process continues until SCP-116-DE-1 is complete again and starts accelerating towards the door. It can pass it before it can be closed and runs over three people in the process. The video ends.

An all persons seen in the footage have been put on the wanted list. Based on the events shown here, a connection between SCP-116-DE-1 and SCP-053-DE is suspected. Research into this matter is ongoing.

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