Vidnepas Protectors of the Descendants of the Stardust

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Vidnepas1: Protectors of the Descendants of the Stardust

SCP-ES-191 (by Jailors)2
Tochincitlalin (outdated name)
Rabbits from the Stars
Exolagomorphs (by Jailors)


Rabbits feeding on their former selves in both flesh and soul, their existence repeating the cycle of resurrection to restore their divinity, already lost in the darkness among the stars. Nine stages reflected in different bodies, but only one of them was able to retain consciousness; each one of these represents the knowledge acquired by Arneb throughout his long existence in the cosmos: capable to understand the singularities and therefore, bend space-time, recreate the beautiful and chaotic spectacle of a hypernova, the powerful but subtle heat of the stars and be able to stay awake until the last star gone dark.34

The world is blind5 to see the true beauty of these animals, they only perceive the chaos of their actions thereupon, but they leave aside the true reason for being and their purpose on this planet. They are the first line of defense set up by Arneb to protect the most important thing in existence: the miracle of life6 from stardust,



Vidnepas' symbol found in texts retrieved by L. V. The colors of the rhombuses represent the 8 stellar auras known by Arneb.7


Traits: They are highly similar to rabbits existing on Earth, with variations in fur colour and other body parts such as eyes and ears. Normally they emit large amounts of radiation to their surroundings, but they are able to control it. There is a unique rabbit which has a head ornament and is the only one capable of communicating. This rabbit guides and orders the other groups, hence considered the leader of the place.

Nature: Vidnepas from Arneb's body behave, most of the time, like any rabbit on Earth and feed on flowers with stellar characteristics that only grow where they are found. They are highly aggressive if any of these flowers are destroyed. There is also a period of time where they will dance to the Moon with an exciting dance culminating in the birth of a flower and a rabbit.

The terrestrial Vidnepas can reproduce both asexually and sexually8, the latter occurring when a female has got pregnant. Then, she will consume approximately 30 flowers during one month for gestation to take place. This way of reproduction only occurs with two different types of Vidnepas.

After that, the female will form a nest with several flowers and stems where she will deposit 9 spheres of different colors; after 3 months of incubation the spheres will fuse together causing a very bright flash of light (the color varies depending on the flowers used for the nest). Finally the new hybrid Vidnepa is born, its characteristics seem to be a merging of the parents', both in skills and in fur colour.

History & Associated Parties: The true place of origin of these rabbits is unknown. Their most important appearance tells about a time when the universe lost all its brightness and the planets cried for thousands of years until all their life has been dried up, a period known as "The Great Half-light", the violent war of Sechud910 against all in existence. At the decisive moment, the Vidnepa god Arneb sacrificed himself to end the battle and his essence fell to the Earth in the first century B.C., giving birth to 9 Vidnepas from Arneb's body.

Beginning with their history in this world, these rabbits not only fought for themselves, they also fought alongside humanity by defeating monstrosities of all kinds, lurking in the most remote places on the planet.

They were four great wars; fought over four centuries: the battles in the Gobi Desert against the extinct species of Trilobons, worms from the depths of the Earth that threatened to consume any other lifeform; the confrontation in the Dead Sea against the sea beast Marladoben who pretended to devour the Sun, but was defeated and his bones formed something else in the depths of space; the fight to free the Australian lands from the evil presence of Arapatros, the arachnid parasite, although it was not totally eradicated, it managed to be controlled; and the last crusade against the kings of the dark kingdom in an already forgotten island, caused by the knowledge of myths about the rabbits almost freeing its greatest enemy.

But these interactions with the rabbits resulted in a big problem for both humanity and them, so this story was taken away from everyone's memory.

After that, their home suffered a major attack, one carried out in 1530 by a group of the Spanish Armada who considered it as heresy and a cursed place, the confrontation ended quickly with the withdrawal of the Spaniards and they tried to hide this event, although a record of the event was kept on file at the Vatican.

Approach: They are normally docile beings, only hostile if their flowers are damaged or when provoked, they only inhabit an island currently protected by the Jailors11 and because of this the approach must be carried out with extreme caution. To approach them, protective radiation suits are needed. To have a conversation with Arneb you need to gain his trust and the following requirements must be met to achieve that:12

  • Showing respect for the flowers and other inhabitants of the place.
  • Letting your mind explore at will.
  • Get him fed for 30 days.
  • Take care of each of the gardens for one year.

You will then enter a trance-like state where you can see Arneb's original appearance and engage in a short talk lasting approximately 10 minutes. He will normally answer all kinds of questions or if you don't ask any, he will tell a story about his past.

Other Detail: Two other large groups of Vidnepas are known to be guided by two other deities apparently of equal importance:

The Vidnepas led by the god Nihal, emissary of death and war, the one who spreads conflict throughout the cosmos. He and his group are the eternal enemies of Arneb and his followers; they eliminate every form of non-Vidnepa life in the name of the total superiority of their race and ideology of destruction. Even so, he fought alongside his brothers to prevent the darkening of life.13

Gliese is the maternal goddess of the Vidnepas, she tries to take care of the youngest and newest of all living entities. Her main role is not to fight or engage in battle with her other two brothers, but she fought alongside them to save all new and innocent lives.14

Observations & Stories

The path of the eight stellar auras to reach apotheosis and the endless war1516

The secret of existence is found in its purest form scattered throughout space in the stars; it is necessary to totally understand them to be able to ascend and reach the deepest part of each one, where the definitive answer is really found. Eight different stellar auras must be found for this crusade, but only the worthy and capable will be able to see beyond the superficial and physical limits to reach a state of balance with existence itself.

This path was followed by the three leaders of our race where we encountered a disturbing truth: Planets marked with death, war, despair and sadness, no trace of stellar life remained in all those solar systems, only disgusting monstrosities. But it did not stop us, and we ended up with those blasphemous lifeforms in behalf of the cosmos. Even so, the state of the universe was worrying. Is life in the cosmos becoming extinct?17

The level of desolation everywhere could not be true, we tried to find some cause, some catalyst for this planetary death reaction. And at the end of all our struggles, all our victories were left to follow the path of our leader: to protect the few worlds with life scattered throughout the universe.

After getting six auras, Arneb decided to take on his brother Nihal for supremacy and control of the universe. The words fell short in the fight and the numbers lost their meaning because of so many casualties on both sides. Destroyed and defeated, they preferred oblivion to bittersweet peace.

Gliese traveled through both worlds and the void of space in search of cries of helplessness and pain from beings unable to comprehend the cruelty of their reality. And she encountered not only other young Vidnepas, but also infants of other races, torn apart by the loss of their acquaintances, their worlds and their lives. Gliese was afraid of not being able to protect these helpless beings and she still managed to complete the path of the eight auras.

Some time later, Nihal and Arneb managed to finish the Eight Star Path only to realize the truth, and each one at the end understood their path as they saw their true intentions reflected in these eight auras. The three met to talk once more and give a farewell without hate or resentment between Arneb and Gliese, only Nihal continued with his path of destruction only on planets condemned to a dark destiny and without hope.

~ T. Leporis, chronicler of Arneb before The Great Twilight

Arneb's words about his birth and Sechud's situation

The war for existence was won at that time, but I could never understand the consequences of that victory. The damage to my being was enormous, my energy faded with every moment that passed, my soul spilled out like a mighty river through the Earth that had witnessed our battle. In my last moments I could see the birth of these beings from my essence, it was so chaotic, so spontaneous and so beautiful.

The 8 auras were detached from my body to give birth to the first generation of terrestrial vidnepas, but a ninth aura emerged from my being, the aura that defined my ideals and dreams. This aura is the guide of the others in charge of following the mission of protecting the life coming from the stars.

And so they will continue to fight for the welfare of this planet until their last breath, until the last battle. We prepare for the return of Sechud, that one erased from time not only by his actions, but also by the meaning of his revelation against existence. She is not just some troublesome, bloodthirsty goddess, she is not even a goddess as such.

It is an entity that awakened in a world full of selfish beings, cowards, haughty minds, believing themselves to be absolute gods of space. Yet that was not only the cause of her sadness, because she believed a failure was imminent in this universe, unable to see the beauty of stellar life and focused only on the horrible abominations that inhabit the cosmos.

Her cry was felt throughout all the worlds, the lights that illuminate the heavens lost their radiance, the landscapes of the planets began to wither, the darkness threatened to cool the pain forever. And in "The Great Twilight" all the vidnepas rose up as one nation united to win this war, for once I could be at absolute peace with Nihal and find Gliese easily.

There is sadness on Sechud's lips and a false forgiveness in her actions, she cries in the dark, she shouts at us all, but they are only false promises of liberation. Hate has always ruled her being and that is very clear. We vidnepas will never forget her actions, we decided to erase everything about her, all her dreams and inspirations so selfish were removed from the starry life. However, she always returns in some way or another to cause tragedy in the minds that hear her voice.

~ Arneb to L.V. during one of his conversations


Even with all the records, the true origin of Arneb and his fellows is unknown. It is believed that the planet of origin is too remote in both space and time to ever know its true origin. Similarly their behaviour cannot be categorized as totally benevolent or as allies of humans, there is a very mysterious relationship with Sechud and the vidnepas. In spite of this there is no record of their relationship other than their confrontations both in the distant past and in the present.18

In recent years the amount of vidnepas has been increasing dramatically in the solar system is believed to be due to the coming awakening of Sechud and possibly this means the beginning of another war to stop it. The Jailors are keeping it at bay with their experiments, although they don't seem to have a definitive plan to destroy it.19

The 9 different types of vidnepas that inhabit the island have a close relationship with the Moon, despite this it is not known if they have made contact with vidnepas from outer space.2021

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