Visiting Micalet

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Raquel Martínez reports from her desk. The whereabouts of the President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, are currently unknown. Although several witnesses have assured that he became an otter like the rest, recent evidence has…

Josep's television loses the channel signal. Before going to his still narrow room, the signal returns but this time only the landscape of the Valencian capital can be seen. A voice-over identified as Elder Guindilla speaks:

My children. I know you are alone and the humans outside left you, as they left this poor old man. But I will not do that.

I once saw a quiet and vast world, but the chirping of cicadas to the east and the satans in the city of liberty made me see that this world indeed is small.

The transmission changes and shows Valencia's Bioparc. Angolan lions and warthogs can be seen forgetting their differences and hunting the otters. The otters flee to a dilapidated office building and hide in the burrows formed by the poor condition of the ground.

This is the future our children want to leave us! You were punished for the evil deeds of those behind the curtain, but there is salvation!

The camera switches to an unknown location, presumably outside Valencia. Several raccoons can be seen struggling with each other to hang on to a narrow branch. The branch then falls.

Their thirst for blood led to their destruction! Where death walks at will, instead of nurses there are sick artists painting with their bloody fingertips! How wicked!

Be not so, my children! My dear Españita always had a place! Since I was young I was always overwhelmed by the crowds in the big cities, and in the towns I was forced to take the same path, but no more!

As one human said, Spain is a great nation full of Spaniards and I add that it does not matter the height or fur; for me you have a bigger heart!

The camera switches to the Micalet in Valencia. A few standing otters are observed entering it. The door has been adapted to the size of an otter. They can barely fit through the entrance.

I had a dream, a dream to explore all the wonders of this narrow, narrow world. But I am getting old. I need love. I need your warmth and love, please! I just want to live one more day!

Elder Guindilla cries for 2 minutes before the signal goes off.

Josep turns off the TV and pulls up a chair to the table where he has the keys. He grabs them with his mouth and with his cute hands moves the chair closer to the door. He puts the keys in the lock and gives a little jump to push the handle, leaving a little hole in the open door.

Already on the street, he skirted the improvised trenches between the otters and the few humans that were still there until he reached Queen's Square1. The characteristic bustle present every day had become a single path dictated by something he didn't understand, yet he needed to help him.

The Micalet on the outside was still standing as always, but the inside was solemnly dark and the staircase seemed just as narrow despite the fact that Josep was now an otter. The frightened Josep wanted to run away but the staircase forced him to climb it.

As he entered, the space that would form a door closed completely and only he and a dim light remained. Beginning to climb the staircase, it becomes narrower than it should be, forcing him to use his new animal nature and crawl up the stained steps.

If once Josep wanted to turn back or jump out the window in a desperate attempt he couldn't because of the binding smell of his favorite food: a paella made by paella artisans.

Now without energy, but with a smile, he was dragged to the top. The ceiling and floor now scraped his fur but he didn't scream, because it's impolite in front of your elders and an old man needed a coat for the winter. He felt lighter, giving off blood like a good red wine of those that an old foreigner would like to taste. But with age comes bone ailments and need younger ones. Gladly, you are so kind that you have already given them to him before a poor old man asked you to do so.

Finally, before going out on the balcony with the bells, there was one more door to go through. At last Josep being only himself, opens the door and the old man lets this one stay under his roof because life without spice is just a path to nowhere.


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