Incident Log 116-DE

This log details the first encounter with SCP-116-DE-1 und SCP-116-DE-2.

Date: ██.██.2010, 14:12

Location: A ███ right before Berlin

Foreword: The Agents von Dorff and Straub were on the highway, returning from their last mission when they were overtaken by SCP-116-DE-1, which was being pursued by five instances of SCP-116-DE-2. As they did so, the agents noticed that none of the vehicles appeared to have a driver and alerted the nearest Foundation site while they also gave chase. A helicopter was dispatched to ensure a pursuit of the vehicles should they lose the agents in traffic. Meanwhile, arrangements were made to divert all uninvolved vehicles off the highway so that an MTF also on the way could operate unimpeded.

14:25:34 The helicopter's camera captured SCP-116-DE-1 overtaking other traffic on the left and also on the right. The SCP-116-DE-2 instances perform similar maneuvers to catch up to the pursued party.

14:26:25 The front SCP-116-DE-2 instance fires its grappling hook at SCP-116-DE-1. SCP-116-DE-1 moves into a gap between two vehicles as a response. As a result, the hook drills into a van that had driven in front of SCP-116-DE-1. The instance immediately cuts the rope, as it can apparently no longer retract the hook. SCP-116-DE-1 then pulls out of its gap again and overtakes the transporter on the right side. So do its pursuers.

14:28:08 One of the SCP-116-DE-2 instances activates its missile launcher and fires two projectiles at SCP-116-DE-1. These do not seem to be able to properly lock on to SCP-116-DE-1 among the other vehicles and hit two other random vehicles. The wrecks are pushed aside by the SCP-116-DE-2 instances to continue the pursuit. The agents von Dorff and Straub also follow. The wrecks cause several rear-end collisions behind them, creating a complete traffic jam. Agent Straub reports the accidents.

14:30:12 SCP-116-DE-1 reach a stretch of road with no other vehicles on it. Two instances of SCP-116-DE-2 close up and position themselves to the left and right of SCP-116-DE. They then close the distance to the pursued vehicle so that it can no longer move to the left and right. Another instance positions itself behind SCP-116-DE-1 and prepares its grappling hook. SCP-116-DE-1 suddenly opens its trunk and catapults out a single mortar mine. It then slows down sharply. The two instances that had been flanking it cannot react quickly enough and continue on their way. SCP-116-DE-1, meanwhile, begins to accelerate again and extends its missile launchers. One projectile is fired at each of the two SCP-116-DE-2 instance in front of it. Both projectiles hit and destroy the vehicles. The instance behind SCP-116-DE-1 has meanwhile taken evasive action to avoid the mine, but the unit directly behind him reacts too late, triggers the mine as it passes and is immobilized. The two remaining instances continue the pursuit. Agent von Dorff, however, is able to drive his car around the wreckage and continues to track the anomalies.

14:31:12 SCP-116-DE-1 again overtakes other vehicles. An instance of SCP-116-DE-2 manages to catch up with SCP-116-DE-1 and positions itself to its left. It then tries to push SCP-116-DE into the guardrail. SCP-116-DE-1 countersteers, but doesn't seem to be able to counter with enough force. Meanwhile, the other entity tries to position itself behind SCP-116-DE, presumably to fire its grappling hook. SCP-116-DE-1 throws another mine, forcing the instance to dodge.1 Immediately after, it brakes. The SCP-116-DE-2 instance next to it gets its rear wheel caught on it, causing SCP-116-DE-1's tail to pull around as it places itself cross to the roadway. SCP-116-DE-1 meanwhile recovers, and uses the momentum of the spin to turn with its tail facing the driving direction as it begins to go backwards. In the process, it rams the skidding SCP-116-DE-2 instance in the tail and points it in the opposite direction of the lane. Meanwhile, the other instance fires its grappling hook again, however SCP-116-DE-1 drives in such a manner out of the way that the hook bounces off its fender. As the instance tries to retract the hook, it gets caught in the other SCP-116-DE-2 instance, which is trying to turn around. Both instances ram into each other from the sudden pull and decelerate while SCP-116-DE-1 turns and accelerates again. The grappling hook is released and both instances continue the pursuit.

14:34:19 The vehicles again reach an area of the highway where there are no other road users. SCP-116-DE-1 begins to drive in serpentine lines, which allows its pursuers to catch up. Missiles are fired from the instances, which SCP-116-DE-1 is able to destroy with the help of its machine gun before they hit it.

14:34:56 The road turns into a curve. The two instances have caught up to just behind SCP-116-DE-1. SCP-116-DE-1 pulls onto the hard shoulder and suddenly sprays its friction-neutralizing oil onto the road. This causes the SCP-116-DE-2 instances pulling into the lane directly behind it to lurch, break through the guardrail, and collide with trees directly behind it. The impact completely immobilizes the instances. MTF groups are sent to the accident site, while the Agents Straub and von Dorff continue to track SCP-116-DE-1 at a great distance. The anomaly repeatedly manages to lose the agents in traffic until Foundation measures to clear the highway finally take hold. The helicopter team, which continues to keep SCP-116-DE-1 in its sights, repeatedly manages to guide the agents so that they can continue the pursuit.

14:52:51 SCP-116-DE-1 reaches Berlin. Foundation forces on the scene are put on standby, however the vehicle behaves inconspicuously and follows the traffic regulations in effect. Agent von Dorff loses SCP-116-DE-1 through traffic again and has to be guided in its direction by the helicopter.

15:13:24 Surveillance cameras film SCP-116-DE-1 as it reaches the East Side Gallery and suddenly stops abruptly. Shortly after this, it slowly starts moving again and begins to drive along the remains of the Berlin Wall. After reaching the end of the monument, SCP-116-DE-1 abruptly stops again. It then begins to follow a route that coincides with the former layout of the Berlin Wall.

15:24:19 Agent von Dorff manages to resume pursuit on the Zimmerstraße. SCP-116-DE-1 arrives at the Zimmerstraße-Friedrichstraße intersection2 and appears to stall. After a car driver behind it begins honking, SCP-116-DE-1 restarts itself and continues on its route to the end. It then begins to drive around seemingly aimlessly in East Berlin.

16:45:19 Agent Maas manages to attach a tracking device to SCP-116-DE-1 unnoticed while it stops at a traffic light. The helicopter is then ordered off. The Agents von Dorf and Straub continue the pursuit.

18:00:45 SCP-116-DE-1 pulls into an abandoned parking lot and stalls its engine. His engine then restarts, but stalls again almost immediately. SCP-116-DE-1 repeats this process several times. Agents Straub and von Dorff arrive shortly thereafter, park their car legs away from SCP-116-DE-1, and exit. The following was captured by the agents' body cameras.

Agent of village: What is it doing? Does it have engine trouble?

Agent Straub: I don't know… but with a little imagination, you'd think it was sobbing…

SCP-116-DE-1 suddenly starts its engine properly and revs his engine several times while in neutral gear, which was probably meant to be a threatening gesture3. Agent Straub, who had experience with a similar anomaly, tentatively showed the anomaly his badge..

Agent Straub: Agent Straub, SCP Foundation! We mean you no harm, on the contrary…. Uh… can you understand me? Honk twice for yes.

SCP-116-DE-1 stops reving and after a short pause gives two honks.

Agent Von Dorff: This is really like the iron man… Good call.

>Agent Straub: Quiet! Uh… I assume you fled from those black cars, right? Honk once for no and twice for yes.

SCP-116-DE-1 gives two honks.

Agent Straub: Were you built by Raptor Tec Industries?

SCP-116-DE-1 gives one hoot and then briefly revs his engine while in neutral gear.

Agent von Dorff: That part was never, ever built by R.T.I.. It was made in Zwickau, I bet with you about that.

SCP-116-DE-1 gives two horn signals.

Agent Von Dorff: HA! Thank you.

Agent Straub: But I'm sure you weren't that pimped out back then, were you ?

SCP-116-DE-1 gives two hoots. >

Agent Straub: Uh, is it possible that you've got your… uh… improvements from the Stasi? From Section XXV?

SCP-116-DE-1 stalls briefly, then starts again, driving at walking pace towards the agents, stopping just a few centimeters in front of them. There are two hoots after a short pause.

Agent Straub: We will take you by truck to one of our locations. There you will be safe from Raptor Tec. Are you going to let them do that?

SCP-116-DE-1 gives two hoots.

SCP-116-DE-1 allowed itself to be transported to Site-DE5, inspected and cleaned without resistance. Most of the witnesses of the event could be given a class A amnestic because they were in the jam SCP-116-DE-2 had caused. Additional witnesses were subsequently found and amnesticized as they reported through various media outlets about the "Trabi4 being chased by race cars." All messages dealing with the incident were successfully deleted. In Berlin, misinformation was spread that SCP-116-DE-1 was a publicity stunt for the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. Information about the incident is currently considered to be fully suppressed. SCP-116-DE-2 instances could not be recovered intact in this incident because they had all activated their self-destruct mechanism. Their remains were nevertheless confiscated.

"According to SCP-116-DE-1's statements and the actions of these machines, SCP-116-DE-1 was a research object for R.T.I.. So we have the proof that R.T.I. not only thinks up new anomalies by itself, but also actively studies others to copy their ways of working. This alone is actually enough bad news, but further it seems that they didn't care whether they recaptured or destroyed SCP-116-DE-1, even though they probably preferred capture somewhat. If they are so irresponsible with all the anomalies in their possession, we could be in big trouble."
- Dr. Weißmann

Note: Instances of SCP-116-DE-2 encountered after this event showed noticeably better coordination among themselves and lower reaction times. It can be assumed that the forces of R.T.I. have recorded SCP-116-DE-1's escape and analyzed the data thus obtained to improve the vehicles' AI.

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