Incident Protocol 149-DE
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On ██.██.201█ at 01:12 three individuals were spotted on the premises of SCP-149-DE which started to dig a hole, seemingly to enter the structure. A security team was dispatched to detain the persons but they used anomalous abilities and threw the guards against near trees and house walls. At this time an alarm was send to near sites and MTF readied. Additional agents were dispatched for information suppression. They would arrive together with the MTF in ca. 45 minutes. The remaining security personnel received orders to remain hidden and to observe the individuals. In doing that, the following conversation was documented

Foreword: During the conversation, the three individuals where identified as the wanted persons "Acolyte Fels", "Acolyte Strom" and a until this point unknown subject with the name "Acolyte Kraft". This information was relayed to the approaching troops. While examining the material it was noted the faces of the Acolytes had been made unrecognizable. Additionally, Agents on-site were not able to make facial composites of the subjects.

The three individuals stand in front of a hole that seems to be excavated by itself.

Begin Log.

Acolyte Strom: Fels, can’t you go faster? The Foundation will be here any moment now. Why did we not know of the guard post?

Acolyte Kraft: Something seems to have blocked of Mr Rass during his investigation… I think we are about to swallow a decoy.

Acolyte Strom: Then we should get away asap, shouldn’t we? Whoever that was presented us to the Foundation on a plate! And who knows what the build down there

Acolyte Fels: Nothing, if that is what you fear. The bunker was not altered by the Foundation or other people in the last years… Probably because of that thing… A lot of magic is down there, almost all of it is stuff from your desk. No traps as far as I am able to discern.

Acolyte Strom: Is that supposed to calm me down? We still have a secret organization hot on our heels.

Acolyte Kraft: Not more so than on other occasions. We will manage this somehow. Instead of being apprehended we may be able to test out our new acquisition soon. And even if not, we can get away from here like we got here.

Acolyte Strom: Kraft, with all due respect, we know this is a trap and you-

Acolyte Fels: It’s open.

Acolyte Kraft: Glorious. See, Strom, that didn’t take that long. Now it’s your turn.

Acolyte Strom: (murmuring) The Stasi would have shot me immediately if I had brought the GRU Division on the trail of Division XXV like that…

The three people enter SCP-149-DE through the hole. Agents of the Foundation follow after a short while but always keep themselves outside of the field of vision of the observed. Those have taken out flash lights to illuminate their path. SCP-149-DE-A appears and starts to attack Acolyte Fels. He hastily starts to extend his hands as a reaction.

Acolyte Fels: Dìon mu dheireadh an aghaidh deamhan!

White glowing vines break out of the walls and form a tight net in front of the Acolytes. SCP-149-DE-A grabs for Acolyte Fels with his arm and manages to move it partly through the barrier and the vines before it seemingly freezes.

Acolyte Fels Good gracious! This is supposed to hold off every rabble, Strom, what is that thing?

Acolyte Strom: This probably happened after my… retirement. The soul of this building did not manifest itself back then.

Acolyte Kraft: Is that an avatar? Like the one you created for the Tirpitz?

Acolyte Strom: Basically yes, but something is not right with this thing, one moment please. Exploratum!

SCP-149-DE-A starts to glow briefly with a green light.

Acolyte Strom: Oh. That is strange…

Acolyte Fels: Strom, don’t make a drama out of it!

Acolyte Strom: Oh, yes, of course… err, what you are seeing here, gentlemen, is something we from the ethereal informatics call an Amalgamation, a soul that got strengthened by an undirected addition of vast quantities of ethereal information. Like this, the original soul was altered to an unrecognizable condition. Such things are difficult to classify, because-

Acolyte Kraft: Acolyte Strom, didn’t you yourself talk about us having not enough time a few minutes ago? Please save your explanation for later and collect that Amalgamation. Provided it still is something of use to us at all, given his change

Acolyte Strom: Ouh, uh, it is definitely of use to us, I can ensure that with only a single glance… As soon as I worked out some kinks. Regarding the collecting, that will take a short while.

Acolyte Fels: Strom, this thing can penetrate my spell and I can’t hold it back forever! What do you need some damn time for? Bag in the ghost and be done with it.

Acolyte Strom: I can’t bag it in until I freed it from the bunker. And apparently its attachment is very decent… -ly made? That is Flamm’s handiwork…

Acolyte Strom starts to flail his arms in the air. SCP-149-DE-A stops his attack and looks at the man.

Acolyte Kraft: Who is Flamm, Strom?

Acolyte Strom: Old colleague of mine, we worked for the Stasi together, same area of expertise. Brilliant guy but extremely reserved… And he linked the Amalgamation very tightly to these walls. But at least it realized that we want to get it out. One less thing to worry about. Fels, you can undo the spell.

The white wall vanishes. SCP-149-DE-A does not react in any way and continues to stare at Acolyte Strom an.

Acolyte Strom: This requires finesse, gentlemen. If your really want this thing, please make sure that I am not disturbed.

Acolyte Kraft: I think that can be arranged…

Acolyte Kraft raises his left hand. A black flame shoots from every of his fingers that fly a curve and take course on the agents observing the events from their cover. Screams can be heard.

End Log.

Shortly thereafter parts of MTF DE6-𝔇 "Das Aufgebot" (i. e. The Draft) and several agents of the Foundation arrive to secure the perimeter. MTF DE6-𝔇 enters SCP-149-DE with the orders to capture the subjects inside alive if possible. The Special Containment Procedures are overruled because of the emergency.

Foreword: The following events were documented using body cams and microphones of the MTF members. During examination it was again noted that the faces of all Acolytes had become unrecognizable. The MTF members can’t remember them anymore as well. An antimemetic effect is assumed to be responsible for this.

MTF DE6-𝔇 enters SCP-149-DE and gathers.

Begin Log.

Cpt. Schlosser: Somebody still outside?

A brief moment of silence follows.

Cpt. Schlosser: Good. Well then, as being told in the briefing, Group 1 uses tranquilizer ammunition and live ammunition in emergencies only. It is the only one allowed to fire. The use of explosive weapons is prohibited until I say something different, got that? Good, let’s go. Groups 1 and 2, you go first.

MTF DE6-𝔇 runs through SCP-149-DE to the current location of the Fourth Reich members but suddenly stops halfway there. A reason for this cannot be discerned.

Cpt. Schlosser: A dead end? Something is wrong, Trautmann, what does the skip’s site map say?

MTF DE6-𝔇/9 studies the site map of SCP-149-DE on his wrist display for a few seconds.

MTF DE6-𝔇/9 According to the map there should be a straight corridor with a curve at the end.

MTF DE6-𝔇/14 Captain? What if it is just an optical illusion? We are talking about the Fourth Reich, after all.

Cpt. Schlosser: Good idea. Falk? Check it out!

MTF DE6-𝔇/2 makes two steps forward and stops again.

MTF DE6-𝔇/2: All clear, Captain!

Cpt. Schlosser: Well done, Schneider. The wall really is just an illusion, after me!1

MTF DE6-𝔇 starts moving again. Suddenly, the black flames observed prior rush towards them.

Cpt. Schlosser: Oh shi-

The flames penetrate the limbs of all MTF members, safe for three in front of which they abruptly burst, causing several black sparks to fling away and burn into the concrete of SCP-149-DE-A. Still, all units fall to the ground and yell in confusion. Acolyte Kraft and Akolyte Fels arrive through the corridor.

Acolyte Kraft: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I am-

Several MTF members point their weapons at the two newcomers but freeze while in motion, apparently involuntarily.

Acolyte Kraft: -happy to greet all of you. I am a great fan of your work, really. Every day you put your life at stake to protect the people, truly remarkable.

Acolyte Fels slowly shakes his head with his eyes closed.

Cpt. Schlosser: Spare me your babble, what are you planning?

Acolyte Kraft: Just a little procurement, recommended to us by one of our Acolytes. Thank you for watching this object so well. Oh, you will probably ask yourselves why I didn’t kill you like those poor devils before you. It’s simple, we plan to test something on you.

Cpt. Schlosser: Oh, I can imagine what. But even if it succeeds, you will not get out of here. The perimeter is on lockdown by now!

Acolyte Kraft: Like I can’t overpower you? As soon as our colleague is done letting your monster loose, that should not pose a problem anymore. Quite the contrary, I think you will have way more sympathy towards our goals if it does what my Acolyte attributes it-


MTF DE6-𝔇/14, who was apparently spared from the attack before, raises his right arm and faces his palm towards Acolyte Kraft. Said person gets suddenly pulled to the ground as if weight had multiplied.

Acolyte Fels Draoidheachd casg!

Acolyte Fels does not carry out any motions but Acolyte Kraft gets instantly not drawn to the ground any longer. Afterwards, he uses the words "Vas Magia mutare Umbar opprimo Movum", seemingly subjecting MTF DE6-𝔇/14 to the same effect. It is noted that MTF DE6-𝔇/11 and MTF DE6-𝔇/7, which also remained unscathed, start murmuring silently and unintelligible.

At the perimeters border meanwhile several civilians are spotted apparently trying to gain access and ignoring the agents on guard. They react surprised without exception when addressed and answer apologetic to follow-up questions, stating they did not see the action forces. Most individuals are briefly interrogated without gaining new information and then released and send away. A few persons persistently trying to gain access are arrested. At this time it is assumed that this is an effect of SCP-149-DE which was unknown at this time.

Acolyte Kraft: That was surprising. Since when does the Foundation employ mages?

MTF DE6-𝔇/14 flinches notably and finally falls to the ground because of the motion.

Acolyte Kraft: Oh, they weren’t supposed to know that? You are lousy in keeping your cover up, you know?

In this Moment MTF DE6-𝔇/11 and MTF DE6-𝔇/7 raise their heads.

MTF DE6-𝔇/11 & MTF DE6-𝔇/7: …CIRIS!

Acolyte Kraft and Acolyte Fels get pushed against the surrounding walls that suddenly displays the consistency of dough but immediately hardens again, once the individuals have sunk in far enough to not be capable of freeing themselves anymore. A layer of concrete lays itself across their mouths. MTF DE6-𝔇/11 and MTF DE6-𝔇/7 help up MTF DE6-𝔇/14 who is apparently no longer affected by the anomalous effect.

Cpt. Schlosser: What the… what the hell is going on here?

MTF DE6-𝔇/7: Hm, we will have to amnestize them. That was amateurish, Detlev.

MTF DE6-𝔇/14: Maybe, but it worked out. Let us deal with this thing first, this MTF here will go nowhere so-

SCP-149-DE suddenly starts shaking.

MTF DE6-𝔇/7: Oh no…

Acolyte Strom comes running thorough the corridor, closely followed by SCP-149-DE-A, which does not seem to attack him.

Acolyte Strom: What did happen here?

The anomalous members of the MTF yell different things. Acolyte Strom is hit by a sudden flame jet shot from the palm of MTF DE6-𝔇/11 but crashes into the ceiling instead of falling to the ground, which he does afterwards. SCP-149-DE-A is apparently provoked by that because it starts attacking. The three MTF agents yell different things again. SCP-149-DE-A gets surrounded by a green fog, pads at the same time into a white glowing circle on the ground and is restrained by a bluish glowing rope that seemingly appeared out of nothing. The entity stops its assault and looks around in seeming confusion. Suddenly, the anomalous apparitions that just appeared begin to flicker.

MTF DE6-𝔇/7: Such a bugger!

Acolyte Strom, still laying on the ground, abruptly starts hitting said ground. Acolyte Fels and Acolyte Kraft break out of the walls.

Acolyte Fels: Did you get him loose?

Acolyte Strom: Yes, I heard the noise of a battle and hurried but Flamm learned a lot during my absence. It just couldn’t go any faster.

Acolyte Kraft: Then we will now take on the next problem.

The three Acolytes turn towards the MTF. Meanwhile, the three anomalous subjects apparently still try to keep SCP-149-DE-A at bay but the other agents suddenly realize that they are no longer paralyzed. All agents open fire at the command of Cpt. Schlosser. The bullets pass SCP-149-DE-A without causing damage. After loud yelling from the members of the Fourth Reich a grey wall manifests in front of them at which the projectiles loose their kinetic energy and fall to the ground.

Acolyte Kraft: Strom, did you have to lift my hex when freeing me?

Acolyte Strom: Well sorry, but your restraints were designed that way…

Acolyte Kraft: This is getting to annoying for me now…

In a spherical zone around the Acolytes and SCP-149-DE-A space seems to distort. The same phenomenon can also be observed outside on the perimeter in another spherical zone with the same diameter. Agent Straub sends an inquiry to MTF DE6-𝔇 but does not receive a satisfying answer from the radio transmissions. He subsequently orders several agents to enter SCP-149-DE together with him and Agent von Dorff to verify the situation.

MTF DE6-𝔇/7: Oh crap, a space spell! They want to escape!

MTF DE6-𝔇/14: Adimo-

The circle under SCP-149-DE-A abruptly vanishes. It starts walking around as if being blind and comes very close to the agents laying on the ground, which try to crawl away. The space distortions changes abruptly.

Acolyte Kraft: What the- I don’t want to go there at all, what’s going on here?

Acolyte Fels faces MTF DE6-𝔇/14 with the words Draoidheachd casg, causing him to fall silent immediately. The space distortion, however, remains unchanged.

Acolyte Kraft: It wasn’t that guy! Something else is…

The distortion seen on the perimeter suddenly vanishes- Around the Acolytes and SCP-149-DE-A a golden circle manifests, appearing as a greatly simplified version of the crest of the GDR on closer inspection.

Acolyte Strom: A safety mechanism! Dammit, Flamm has build in a safety mechanism. Kraft, we need to quickly-

The distortion vanishes abruptly and with it the Acolytes Strom and Fels. Acolyte Kraft falls down unconscious. SCP-149-DE-A tries to break out of the still existing circle but seems not to be capable to. The fog and the rope around it vanish.

MTF DE6-𝔇/14: Wow, oh man, I thought we were done for.

MTF DE6-𝔇/11: Just good that Division XXV knew what it does… Let us quickly amnestize the guys here before-

Cpt. Schlosser raises his fire arm with a pain contorted face and aims at MTF DE6-𝔇/11.

Cpt. Schlosser: I have no clue who you are and I am thankful for what you did but I will not allow you to tamper around with the memories of our agents! By the way, you don’t have to make such an effort, we had radio contact to the outside, which-

MTF DE6-𝔇/14: -was faked. Since the moment we passed the illusion. I am sorry, but I can not allow you to-

Agent Straub, Agent von Dorff and Agent Maas arrive at the scene. Other agents follow behind.

Agent Straub: There they are! Captain Schlosser, we briefly observed a space anomaly outside and you did not send proper answers to our radio messages, what-

Agent Maas: What is going on here?

Cpt- Schlosser: Agent? Arrest MTF DE6-𝔇/7, 11 and 14! They are under suspicion of being part of an hostile organization!

MTF DE6-𝔇/7: That’s a lie! The MTF was exposed to a cognito-hazard and blabs weird stuff, please believe us!

Agent von Dorff: Oh, don’t worry. For justice’s sake we take you all into custody.

End Log.

MTF DE6-𝔇/7, /11 and /14 resisted with the use of their anomalous abilities but stopped their efforts once it was noticed that the golden circle around SCP-149-DE-A started fading away. They are lead off without resistance and let themselves be transported to the next Site under heavy guard like the civilians arrested on the surface. Acolyte Kraft got pulled out of the circle with a rope and also arrested. The Agents Straub, von Dorff and Maas underwent disciplinary action together with the other agents that entered the bunker because they acted against protocol. However, attenuating circumstances were acknowledged because of their achievements following this violation and the all were suspended for a week. MTF DE6-𝔇 could be transported without incident and does not seem to have been exposed to SCP-149-DE-A’ effect. A complete recovery in two months is expected.

Interrogation Protocol of PoI "Acolyte Kraft"

Foreword: Acolyte Kraft had been carried into the interrogation room restrained at his chair with chains. Additionally, two Scranton Reality Anchors had been activated in close proximity. The interrogation is carried out by Agent Langer.

Begin Log

Agent Langer: Acolyte Kraft, good day.

Acolyte Kraft: (happily) Agent.

Agent Langer: You know why I am here?

Acolyte Kraft: I can only guess, of course, but I believe you want to inquire about the Fourth Reich and my master, is that correct?

Agent Langer: You have guessed right.

Acolyte Kraft: However, there is a little problem. Look, my employer is rather fixated on confidentiality, you can probably relate to that. Therefore, he casted a, well, "Silence Curse" upon us. Sucipe. Should we divulge something important to any enemy force, our inner carotid and vertebral arteries will burst open, which, as you should know, results in death.

Agent Langer: Well, but how should I know you are not bluffing to protect your secrets? Such people like you surely are not an everyday find for your boss.

Acolyte Kraft: Me. Certainly, that is correct but the well-being of the organization is still more important then that of some the individual members. You certainly know what I am talking about.

Agent Langer: Your boss is quite the asshole if you ask me

Acolyte Kraft: A matter of opinion. But I offer you a deal. You do not drive me to suicide and I tell you something about the people that fought us in the bunker.

Agent Langer: Sounds fair for now.

Acolyte Kraft: I thank you for that. In.

Agent Langer: So, what do you know?

Acolyte Kraft: Well, those people are part of a secret organization. One that exists since antiquity. It calls itself Mage Academy.

Agent Langer: Mage Academy?

Acolyte Kraft: Yes. Terribly unimaginative name, don’t you think? They as well could have called the club Hogwarts and everybody would know what’s up.

Agent Langer: Hold up, what is this Mage Academy supposed to be anyway? Some school for the anomalously gifted? Like in X-Men?

Acolyte Kraft: Not at all. The Mage Academy acts in all of Europe and has devoted itself to the research of magic and anomalies alone. Donum. Don’t look at me like that, you have seen the video from your excursion to the bunker, don’t you?

Agent Langer is silent for a moment.

Agent Langer: And how did some scholars manage to successfully infiltrate our MTF? What did they want there, anyway?

Acolyte Kraft: Regarding how: Your security simply sucks. Regarding why: To protect themselves. From you.

Agent Langer: From us? How is that supposed to work? Do they want to assimilate us?

Acolyte Kraft: No, sabotage. They edit documents and destroy all evidence pointing towards their existence. Understandable when I take your handling of anomalous humans into account.

Agent Langer: How are they doing that? For that they would need a tremendous number of infiltrators inside the Foundation.

Acolyte Kraft: Exactly.

Agent Langer: Wait, you mean-

Acolyte Kraft: Yes indeed, you got infiltrated. Every single one of your colleagues could be a spy from the Academy, maybe even one of the guards standing behind me here. Domum. That’s a hard blow to your ego, isn’t it?

Agent Langer: But these people can be identified, can they?

Acolyte Kraft: Oh yes. Does require a little Hokus Pokus like you would call it, but it is possible.

Agent Langer: O.K. And what is that "Hokus Pokus"?

Acolyte Kraft: Oh, that will remain a secret.

Agent Langer: What? Why? I remind you that I am authorized to get out the bigger guns to get you to talk. I assure you, it is way more comfortable for you to not make a secret out of it.

Acolyte Kraft: As long as I am inside this room, you mean. But I do not plan on staying any longer. In fact, my travel preparations are almost complete.

Agent Langer: Wha-? GUARDS! SEIZE HIM!

Acolyte Kraft: Suam.

The guards charge at Acolyte Kraft. For a second the entire room seems to distort before taking on its original form. Acolyte Kraft, as well as the chair he had been restrained on, have vanished.

Agent Langer: SHIT!

End Log

Interrogation Protocol of PoI "Detlev Schneider" (MTF DE6-𝔇/14)

Foreword: Mr Schneider is restrained and been carried into the interrogation room. Additionally, two Scranton Reality Anchors were activated in close proximity. The guards are instructed to aim tranquilizer guns at Mr Schneider and shoot once he says words not part of the German language2. The interrogation is carried out by Agent Langer.

Begin Log

Agent Langer: You have brought quite something about us, Schneider.

Schneider: To be fair, these anomalous abilities developed recently in our bodies. We did not know how you-

Agent Langer: Spare me this, we know already. The Acolyte was so nice to explain it to us. Your Academy and the stunt you all are pulling here.

Herr Schneider briefly freezes.

Schneider: Academy? Stunt? What are you talking about?

Agent Langer: Schneider, I have interrogated people for a very long time, I see if somebody is lying. Small motions in your face you can’t control. I applaud you, however, that you are not breaking into sweat.

Schneider: Listen, I do not know what you are talking about!

Agent Langer: We have you on tape, Schneider. We have Kraft on tape and we have Strom on tape. And in this moment Research Team 25 tries to restore the documents of 149-DE damaged by you once again. I do not want a confession from you, we know enough about you. I want to know what you have done down there in the bunker. And what the Fourth Reich wanted. And I get that out of you, the question is only how long it will take and how much pressure I have to apply to you, if you know what I mean.

Herr Schneider briefly stiffens before loosing up.

Schneider: Okay then. Yes, I am part of the Academy. But it is not like you think, we wish you no harm. We only want to be left alone.

Agent Langer: You screwed up that one big time. You cannot infiltrate an organization like the Foundation and expect us to let the matter rest. But I am willing to believe that you have no ill will towards us. You saved a dozen MTF guys down there. The question that grinds my gears is, why?

Schneider: Should we have had abandoned you?

Agent Langer: It would have maintained your cover. You could have just left, like Strom and Fels.

Schneider: Magic isn’t that easy. What got me to help you was a simple numbers game. The Acolytes are way more powerful then we are regarding raw strength, additionally they had this… this thing on their side. I did not escape, did it?

Agent Langer: According to our reports it still patrols the bunker but let’s save that one for later. Continue.

Schneider: Yes, well, the Acolytes would probably have corrupted the MTF, meaning fifteen, including two mages and a druid against the three of us, whom of which not a single one can use space magic to escape. And they would have gotten away with the thing once they had peace again. That had to be prevented at all costs.

Agent Langer: So, what did those three want with this ghost or Amalgamation, as you called it, anyway?

Schneider: It transforms you into a Nazi, right? It would be the ultimate weapon for Rass, with which he could convert the entire world.

Agent Langer: Hm, but it is only one, certainly useful for certain missions to gain allies, but the entire world…

Schneider: Technically speaking, this thing is made out of information, ethereal information, as we call it. And information can be copied. Strom could create an army of those things. And nothing would stop it.

Agent Langer: I see, then your doings start making sense. For future reference and to improve the containment, I would like to know from you, what even is this thing? We concluded from the footage that you also cannot properly classify it.

Schneider: I am no ethereal information scientist but Amalgamations can only be classified with difficulty as far as I know. What we know is, that this thing once was the soul of the bunker. Normally such souls do nothing but the problem was the concrete used. He did not just pull matter from the air but also ethereal information that gets created from emotions.

Agent Langer: And that formed this thing? Should have chased out Hitler and his goons at the end of the Second World War already, shouldn’t it?

Schneider: No it emerged later. The trigger was the despair of the inhabitants at the end of the war. You know that several suicides happened in the bunker, yes? They had an impact on the walls. The despair and the hate. They formed the soul of the bunker into something new, something that only knows hate and despair, evolved with time and tried to transfer these acquired emotions to others. And those emotions only became stronger when the Red Army destroyed the Bunker.

Agent Langer: The I know see why Division XXV wanted to destroy this thing. But apparently they only made it worse.

Schneider: Oh no, quite the opposite. By destroying the bunker further and further and detaching it from the entity, they could successfully and effectively imprison it in the remains. They took allegorical water from many cups that could tip over easily and filled it into a big, steadfast jar. Otherwise, that thing would have seeped out of the ruins somewhen, it would have evolved further. The only drawback was that the Division altered the Amalgamation that greatly that it could make a body for itself. But otherwise their work was superb. Even the safety mechanism that knocked out Acolyte Kraft. Normal mages would have been killed by that magic.

Agent Langer: You say it is trapped but could it establish a telepathic link to the outside, via its victims? Since a while we try to get some of them back on track, so far without success. It even got somebody from MTF DE4-𝔎 and those guys are almost unbreakable for telepaths.

Schneider: Oh, you think it is a telepath? Well, couldn’t know any better…

Agent Langer: What do you mean?

Schneider: The Amalgamation works on a far more fundamental level then that of the mind. The spiritual one, that is. It changes the complete soul of its victim. It changes the complete soul of its victims, copies a part of itself into them and creates a permanent link so they cannot free themselves. The mind is only an attachment that has the misfortune to be directly influenced by that change. Only through the metaphoric back door.

Agent Langer: Hm… We will look into that. The is one thing that buggs me. In the footage it is said that the SCP entry of 149-DE had been barraged off, it had been a trap. What does that mean?

Schneider: We had planned to empocket the Acolytes inside the bunker, although we thought we would have more time. To put you to sleep and take over the case but thanks to different factors, for example the presence of Acolyte Kraft, the operation came to nothing.

Agent Langer: Why did you not put us to sleep to maintain your cover?

Schneider: Because we couldn’t. We couldn’t use magic at the surface- GOD FUCKING DAMNMIT!

Agent Langer: What? What’s the matter?

Schneider: He knew it from the beginning! Rass knew it! He knew we had set up a trap for him, acted as if he had let his Acolytes trigger it and meanwhile created a anti-magic zone at the surface!

Agent Langer: Didn’t one of the Acolytes use magic to dig the hole?

Schneider: Yes but it was the magic of Fels. He uses other techniques than us, which most likely where not affected! So we dodn’t realize something is up.

Agent Langer: But why should Mr Rass do that?

Schneider: To expose us. That’s probably why Kraft readily told you so much. He knew what was going on. Do you know what that means?

Agent Langer: That he wants to spread our resources further. Because he wants us to also work against you now.

Schneider: Exactly. And it means something else. They will come back. Not just three Acolytes, he will bring more to the table to get the Amalgamation! We have to exorcise it.

Agent Langer: Hm, I will have to talk about that with my superior. That will probably be an O4 decision.

Schneider: O4? Our clock is ticking! We do not have time forever! The Amalgamation must be destroyed as soon as possible!

Agent Langer: Mr Schneider, please do not forget that you have infiltrated and sabotaged us. If you think we trust you blindly because of one good deed then you are sorely mistaken. What I can guaranty you is that we get 149-DE a better containment, you can count on that.

End Log

The O4 council was called in afterwards and decided to not implement the plan of Mr Schneider until further information about the Mage Academy and the extend of its infiltration and sabotage is available. The investigation to this new group of interest is still at go. Mr Schneider, his accomplices and the arrested civilians were put under heavy guard and are gagged at all times safe for meals. Newly discovered infiltrators are processed similarity.

Near the perimeter of SCP-149-DE additional guard detail got stationed that defends the anomaly in case of an attack of the Fourth Reich or other hostile groups until additional forces of the Foundation arrive.

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