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The doctor was nervous. He did not show it, but he had the feeling that the person sitting across from him had already noticed his nervousness. A drop of sweat ran down the doctor's face. The disgusting white colour of the walls did not make it any better, but he had to keep going. He knew exactly what would happen if he refused to. He knew very well that he was being watched by several of his superiors, he knew that these sharks would prefer to just lock him up with this thing. But he had to keep going.

"…Do you have any special abilities?", Dr. Bram asked with difficulty.

The person remained silent, but Dr. Bram noticed something in the eyes of this thing- something white, something bright. He did not know what it was, so he stared into that deep and infinite whiteness.

Time stopped. Dr. Bram froze in his seat, not even trying to fight back. He felt something again. He was still looking into the eyes of the figure, but the white was missing in them. Instead, it came from everywhere. The whiteness of the walls blinded Bram, but he did not blink. He now noticed a tension, even greater than at the beginning of the conversation.

The tension was like a press.

Bram heard something. A drum. In an even rhythm, a drum could be heard in the room. The doctor looked around in the almost empty room and discovered a clock on the wall. A normal clock. Didn't it stop after all? Dr. Bram lost track of time.

The interviewer recognized the strong smell of ammonia. The scent was powerful, but strangely it did not matter to Bram. The air had become very heavy, and as such, breathing became more and more difficult. Dr. Bram moved his finger, trying to show the observers that he could not withstand it anymore. However, it proved impossible, his hand having become too heavy. He noticed the white table in front of him with his fingers. The table was made of cold metal and was rather small compared to the room.

Dr. Bram was suddenly in a garden with a single tree. It had eleven thick branches, which were connected to smaller ones, and these in-turn held various fruits. Apples, pears, oranges. Even plums and lemons. The doctor felt an urge to reach out and grab such a fruit from the tree, but his arm did not want to. Bram still could not move an inch. He found a thick open book in front of the tree with strange characters, but he recognized the writing- it was Hebrew. He could decipher only one word, "לדעת", meaning "knowledge". Pronounced as "Le-Daat".

The scene was unreal, and Bram knew that. He could only watch it with wide, open eyes, but he did not like it. It was too unnatural. Unfamiliar.

The garden disappeared, the drum became quieter, the table warmer, and muscular strength returned to Dr. Bram. It was over.

"W-What was that?"

The conversation continued.

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