What Is This

What is the International Translation Archive?

The International Translation Archive of the SCP Foundation is a Wiki where English translations of original content written for the foundation's branches can be stored, reviewed, criticized, enhanced and made available for a wider audience, and used as source for translations into other languages.

The goal of this project is to create an open, user- and administration-friendly environment, with low-key administrative oversight only where necessary, not where possible.

How to contribute?

Everybody may add translations. Just keep the site rules in mind.

In addition, everybody may review translations, although you should ask the translator before you make major edits.

There are no quality requirements on this page nor is there a necessity to add X translations in Y time. Take the time you need and write in the best quality you can. You shouldn't be translating sloppily.

What rights does each branch have?

First of all, each branch remains in full control over their content.

  • Every branch can delegate members of their staff or trusted members to become staff in this wiki.
  • Every branch may create a hub which they may design and organize all by themselves, or have it organized by administration.
  • Branches may add special rules for translations of their content.
  • Branches may also decide not to participate and not to allow translations of their content.
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