When we are no Longer the Hidden Ones
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Mo Se returned to his Site, depressed. He walked into the Arming Department, took off his jumpsuit before putting down the tools and guns for containment with his cloth all together.

The containment action failed again today. It's not because of his team not being excellent, nor was there loopholes in their planning. There were only helps from the crowd who were too "warmhearted", which caused several people to get killed and over a dozen of them to get injured. His team didn't lose anyone, though injury still exists.

He sat onto one of the chairs of the Arming Department. Leaning against the chairback, he looked at the large, white bulb in the room, as if there were something to solve the failure.

The Foundation left the dark side of the world after the amnestics was neutralized by a containment breach of an SCP. The MTFs like them became known by people afterwards. Of course, the part to be known was only what they had done.

"Mo Se, you have to give apologies now." Mo Se was woken from daydreaming by a knock by his teammate on the door of the Armed Department.

Mo Se nodded before taking his mask beside him. He went out of the door and headed toward the Conference.

The Conference was held inside the Site. In a world like this, the Foundation lost any bit of secret it could ever had.

"A-011, what do you have to say about the recent containment action killing 5 citizens and injuring 17 citizens?" A reporter who saw Mo Se came up the stage with his mask on, asked loudly. There was no pity on the injured ones, nor fear toward the SCPs, but only the excitement obtaining the headlines.

"…I am sorry." Mo Se bowed and repied.

There were so much times when it goes like this. Mo Se can even write a speech for the leaders of every other MTF teams. Those leaders can write one for him either, they can write one of them for everyone.

When they were processing containment action in the past, was there anyone who walked up and gave a hand? Was there anyone who splashed the SCP with a cup of milktea in his hand? No. When Mo Se and his team were having containment actions, everyone went far behind. The government departments came and evacuated the crowd, and the SCP will be guided to the outskirts or somewhere uninhabited to be contained. The ones with most labour weren't MTFs like them, but the amnestics team.

However, everything has been changed today. They were no more the Shadows but the Lights. The SCPs became something to be traded in the blackmarket, and even some salerooms auction SCPs. Governments from various countries pressure the Foundation with the trust from their citizens, trying to obtain technology recources from the Foundation.

[Everything changed. We are no longer the hidden ones. Neither the heroes.] Mo Se thought as he watched the animated reporters below.

"A-01, why haven't the Foundation agree to the resolution passed by UN and hand the SCPs over to the permanent members of UN? Is the Foundation overriding above the UN and the legislation?" These are distrust and misunderstanding toward the Foundation.

"A-01, can you disclose how many teams like you are there in the Foundation? Do you have salary? Where does your actioning finance come from?" These are satisfaction of people's curiosity.

"A-01, property and personnel loss exists in every containment action. Why didn't you cooperate with the governemnt and people in order to reduce?" These are idealized beliefs.

Mo Se saw the "Protect" below his Site logo. Facing the crowd of reporters below him, a state of upset appeared abruptly.

[Is this what we are going to protect?]

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