Dark Sushi File No.064 "The Forgotten Sushi"
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Images of the Forgotten Sushi probably don't exist any more.


"The Forgotten Sushi" is a collective term for sushi whose creation technique or even their entire existence have been lost to time. As a result, making this kind of sushi is extremely difficult, and only two recipes for making any of these sushi have been found.

There is a reason these sushi have been forgotten. The two kinds of Forgotten Sushi for which a recipe has been confirmed — the "Omi Horse Bone Gunkan" and the "Apocalypse Nigiri" are both incredibly difficult to find ingredients for, and require extremely difficult techniques to create.

Sushiblade Usage

The following parameters are those of the "Omi Bone Horse Gunkan". This is the only "Forgotten Sushi" that has been recreated so far.







It is a sushi made not from seafood but the meat of a mammal, and has similar properties to hamburger or yakiniku karubi sushi.

Of note is its stamina. Omi bone horse, which uses fermented horse innards, joins well with the rice used in gunkan, so even in long battles, the ingredients are unlikely to overflow. In addition, the stickiness of the innards are similar to a trap set for the opponent, giving it qualities similar to natto. As its attack and defense power are also relatively high, it's also very much suitable if the opponent wishes to keep the battle short and take you out quickly. Out of all the sushi so far, this one has been said to have redefined the top tier of sushi.

Its weaknesses are similar to those of other gunkan — its low speed. If you are faced with an "Omi Bone Horse Gunkan", a faster sushi like salmon is recommended so you can perform hit and runs.

This sushi is also rather hard to use. Combined with the original qualities of the "Omi Bone Horse Gunkan", it's thought that this is because we don't know much else about what "Omi Bone Horse" is. In addition, as the primary ingredient — that is, Omi bone horse itself — has been lost, Dark Sushi is only in possession of enough bone horse innards to make enough for three people.

The powers of other "Forgotten Sushi" are currently under investigation.

Other usage

Among the "Forgotten Sushi" are sushi that have been intentionally wiped off the face of history by forces such as the "Will of Sushi" or the Foundation. Recreating these sushi in the present has the potential to deepen our understanding of the history of sushi and even the "Secrets of Sushi". In addition to Dark Sushi, the Non-Rotary Sushi Association is also performing research into the recipes for these "Forgotten Sushi".


The author of this file first obtained the recipes for the "Forgotten Sushi" when he was searching for ingredients in his submarine, at a depth of 8000 m in the Marianas Trench.

Illuminated by the light I pointed at it, it shone. Reflecting the light was what looked like a glass bottle. While I was intrigued by how it had survived the pressure at this depth, my shock was not just because of that. When I zoomed in on the image, on the paper sealed in the bottle was the Dark Sushi logo.

I immediately colletced it, returned to the surface, and read the paper. Its contents were as follows:

I need to write this down. If I don't it'll disappear off the face of history. I believe the sushi I made today is important, and not just to me. I, and everyone living on this earth today, have already exhausted our strength and are about to fall into ruin. However, I feel that this will be of use to those of the next generation who, like me, make sushi. I will put this in a glass bottle made with Foundation technology and throw it to the bottom of an ocean trench. Someday, someone will read this, and will make sushi. If that's forgivable.
Today, the world ends. I came to know of that 27 days ago, on the news. I also came to know that the Foundation is in the middle of it all trying to save the world.
After that, it all happened in an instant. Those who came to help the Foundation save the world, those who doubted the Foundation and attacked them, those who didn't believe that the world would end and continued living normally. The world was in chaos, and time kept counting down.
We at Dark Sushi helped the Foundation. We can't let the world end, so in order to buy them time to finish their Arca to save the world, we shot down their enemies with ramen and rifles.

It was sudden, and almost unbelievable — that we would help the Foundation, and for free at that.

And so, the day the world ends is here. The Foundation told the heads of the organizations helping them that the Arca was complete. It would "restart" the world, they said. After everything has been destroyed, everything would continue again from zero.
And so, standing before the end of the world, I created a single sushi. A sushi that can only be made the very moment the world ends, when the concept of "the end" is everywhere… that is to say, "Sushi of the Apocalypse".

Below that, the recipe continued. The recipe made sense. In theory, it's a sushi you can make only at the moment the world ends. Filled with the concept of "the end", it's more powerful than the concept of "long life"1, and so can beat any sushi. Based on the power described in the document, these are the statistics I predict for it.







An "Apocalypse Sushi" that bears the concept of "the end" is fast, but almost instantly rots and stops. While it's spinning, it commands an unparalleled strength — a momentary brilliance. The document says it's just like the ending world it was created in.

IF I were able to make such a sushi, I would be able to put a full stop to all sushi wars. However, in a cruel irony, it's only possible to make it in the moment the world ends. The document ended with the following.

In my hands now is the strongest sushi to ever exist. However, in the midst of this ending world, I, and sushi, are but tiny specks of existence. The strongest sushi, after all, is still just sushi. Sushi cannot save the world. Sushi cannot destroy the world, either.
However, in the face of all that, I leave this recipe behind. Whenever the world ends again, you should make this sushi. Though it may be hard to believe, I felt that this "Apocalypse Sushi", too, was lamenting the end of hte world. At the end of the world, at that opportunity, perhaps the "Apocalypse Sushi" was born in order to save that.
But I was too late. I pray that you in the next world who picks this up will make the "Apocalypse Sushi" better than I did.

Dark Sushi — Rubetus Mutsumi

I asked Rubetus Mutsumi about this document, but he said he didn't know anything about it.

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