Dark Sushi File No.233 "Jiantizi Roll"
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Notice from the Sorting, Utilization, Maintaining and Energizing Committee of the Invincibles (SUME-CI)

The following file has been severely affected by a memetic hazard.
While its readability has been noticeably reduced, the Committee has elected not to alter it.
If you wish to seek its strength regardless, please write carefully.


While it appears as the text sushi寿司 in Japanese, it is actually shousi寿司 in Simplified Chinese.


The "Jiantizi Roll" is a form of conceptual sushi that uses jiantizi, the simplified Chinese characters or hanzi used in Mainland China. Similar forms of sushi include kanbun-maki, sushi wrapped in seaweed with Chinese characters written on them as with bamboo strips1. Sushi made with the concept of jiantizi, which retain their linguistic meaning as hanzi but reduce the complexity of their forms, are effective against Sushibladers from areas where the original traditional Chinese characters, or fantizi, are used, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan2.

While most "Jiantizi Rolls" primarily use the common form of jiantizi characters used in China, depending on the concept used to make the sushi, many variations are possible. Besides the standard "Jiantizi Roll", there is the "Wrong Fantizi Roll" made from converting jiantizi that correspond to multiple fantizi to the wrong option3; the "Baidu Roll"4 made by combining jiantizi with hiragana and katakana; and the Bootleg Japanese Roll" made by combining similar-looking but different kana to the correct ones5. In addition, a further simplified "Erjian Roll" using erjianzi exists.

Sushiblade Usage







The "Jiantizi Roll" is a valuable trump card against sushibladers from areas that use fantizi. Sushi using the concept of jiantizi are capable of inducing a limited Sapir-Whorf process, temporarily putting the opponent's brain into a confused state. In most cases, the link between the Sushiblader and their sushi will be broken, causing the sushi to immediately become uncontrollable. In addition, the previously mentioned "Baidu Roll" and "Bootleg Japanese Roll" are effective against Japanese sushibladers even when the jiantizi used are identical to their equivalent shinjitai. In addition, while the "erjian roll" is known for being effective even against those born in Mainland China, as it will also affect the user, it often backfires.

However, the "jiantizi roll" is unsuited for direct combat. As the heavily simplified jiantizi used have fewer strokes, it greatly reduces the weight of the sushi. As the sushi easily goes off-balance, being hit even once in an actual fight will cause it to be burst. In exchange for the reduced weight, it possesses superior mobility and usability; however, even for experienced users, a slight graze may lead to defeat, forcing the user to fight extremely carefully.

Other usage

As the "Jiantizi Roll" uses hanzi as its ingredient, it can bestow knowledge about both modern Chinese and Classical Chinese when eaten. However, if a fantizi or kyuujitai corresponding to the jiantizi used is present in the brain, a severe Sapir-Whorf process may be induced from the collision, and in severe cases all language ability may be lost.


The following is a record of a "Erjian Roll" user and the damage he caused at an unofficial Sushiblade contest held in Beijing at South Nannanluoguxiang6.

On December 17th last year, during the third round of an unofficial Sushiblade competition held by the Japanese restaurant "Ambrose Dong Beijing" located in South Nannanluoguxiang, the "Erjian Roll" made its appearance. In the following, the "Erjian Roll" user is A, and his opponent is B.

Arbiter: On your marks, get set, go!
Both: SanThree, ertwo, yione, guanglinle nin na7!
B: Qu baGo! Lanzhou lamian!
A: You! It would be easier if you eat my sushi. (しなさい)8
B: Huh? What the hell are you saying?
A: You are already dead.
B: Piss off… Tobabababababababazwaponturike9!

I realized what was happening when I noticed A's nonsensical words. Only a few seconds after the beginning of the match, B had already been affected by the "Erjian Roll"'s mental attack and started making weird noises. At about the same time, the Lanzhou lamian that was approaching the "Erjian Roll" suddenly went off course and flew outside the ring. But the incident didn't stop there.

Arbiter: We have a winner! Congratulations, Ji… uhh… er… How do I read this? Manippa, manipappa.

It wasn't just his opponent that had been affected; the arbiter was also speaking strangely. At that point, my instincts felt immense danger, and while spouting gobbledygook I took a glance at B, devouring his Lanzhou lamian, and raced out of the store. But it was too late; I had already lost the ability to recognize kanji other than jiantizi.

After the incident, I heard that a few days alter, the people staying near the store had all lost their linguistic abilities to some degree. As it was just as Xinwen Lianbo was being aired, the nearby residents couldn't read the text onscreen and made a claim against CCTV10. After that, the Nineteenth Bureau, who were tapping the line, entered South Nannanluogugang and made an unannounced search on the restaurant, but couldn't find the user of the "Erjian Roll".

At that time, I thought the user of the "Erjian Roll" looked inhuman. While we seek strength, if such strength makes us lose our humanity, do we still need to keep seeking it? I don't have an answer, either.

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