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Welcome to the Abnormal Objects and Phenomena Institute of China


Study the abnormal, Research for knowledge, Integrate the findings

A Sage once said: if there are no orders and sortings, nature will lose their ways. Animals are divided into the naked, the scaled, the furred, the feathered and the shelled; books are divided into classics, historics, academics and literatures. So with bibliography of the West, the Abnormality Institute has documented the words on bamboo scrolls, included descriptions of anomalous objects, recorded bizarre events throughout different dynasties. Those documented as abnormalities includes divinities and demons of Chi (魑), monsters and beasts of Mei (魅), strange objects of Wang (魍), celestial signs of Liang (魉). They should be documented according to sources, files, histories and commentaries, classified with the use of numbering, stored into the library for future use. —— 3rd Year of Republic of China, Grand Commandant Merak

The Abnormality Institute is — was — the largest research organisation for the supernatural inside the borders of China. It was established sometime between Jin Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, among a small circle of the emperor and certain elite scholars. The original aim was only to contain the documented objects in the "Bamboo Scroll", rarely they have to deal with those not recorded in the Scroll, but that's all.

Slowly, curiosity overtook awe, there comes trials of understanding and applications, and what the Chinese are best at, moral criticism. Abnormality Institute had either grasped hold of, or had caused time after time turmoil and peace, rich or poor harvest, and have been experimenting again and again. This trend had given rise to and had buried kungfu, had extruded the Mongolians, had constituted themes of some tales of supernatural, (had possibly blew up half of Beijing), and gradually faded the Abnormality Institute into the mask of classification, then buried into the earth along with Qing Dynasty.

After that, when the reach of science extended, the last of Abnormality Institute organised the pile of documents, straightened their collars, and walked into the small doors of the Foundation.

—— Head Researcher Darkequation, The Beginning and Ending of the Chinese Abnormality Institute (Volumes 1-3), 19██, Smith-Conder Publication

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