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It was on that day, people forgot how to forget, and as they do, remembrance went away.
The curtain became transparent, and the truth of Pandora's box was revealed.
Maybe being forgetful could be a good medicine, as nobody wanted to undertake the thing hiding in the dark.
I saw what they used to murder, extirpating these who shouldn't be aware of the truth. I saw pioneers who were aware of it, attempting to forget something.
But at least we have the right to remember. Someone said, forgetting the past meant shirking and betraying.

We were reluctant to what we endured, and we can't abandon what we paid for.
——George Sand

Human capable to forget is a bad thing, but maybe it, at the same time, is a good thing. If a person cannot forget anything, how would he survive under the stress of memory?
——A. Babayeva

The only reason why there were things pasting away, is because they were forgotten. Every bit of reality may become fantasy only in the next second, because they were not forgotten.
——05-O, where "O" stood for "Oblivion".

- Writing Guidelines -

The "Unforgettable Series" described a Foundation world without amnestics. In this parallel universe, there is nowhere to conceal truth and memory, and "oblivion" is an impossible mission - either for the Foundation, the normal people, or even for SCPs and other Groups of Interest.

Under this setting, you can describe how Foundation works without amnestics or look for something alternative, to tell the story how people live in this world, or even discuss how the amnestic tech advantages or disadvantages the Foundation and the world. You can let your imagination run wild, as long as it doesn't have collision with the setting and has a topic related to "amnestic".

The style of this tale series is rather dark and depressed. Of course, a sense of humor would never be excluded, but please keep in mind that these are serious tales.

Note: Same with the Foundation setting, the setting of Unforgettable doesn't include an "official setting", but only a vague outline.

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