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Operational Information on SCPs

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List of SCP-ZHs

SCP-ZH-002 - Taiwanese Unicorn
SCP-ZH-178 - The Bird Mug
SCP-ZH-236 - Last Year Syndrome (Senioritis)
SCP-ZH-251 - Ruins In Third Floor
SCP-ZH-261 - Cuban Sugar
SCP-ZH-310 - Anomalous Protein Domain
SCP-ZH-545 - I'm Not A Dinosaur
SCP-ZH-617 - The Brave One From the West
SCP-ZH-860 - dado's Hare/Hair-fortune Drug
SCP-ZH-889 - Beyond This World

List of Explained SCP-ZHs

SCP-ZH-9288-EX - You are completely aware that you will never meet the person sitting next to you listening to your story ever again.



Those who were killed and eaten as medicinal material


Dr.Ctrl Z's collection of comic clippings from the ZH-TR Weekly

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