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„Please, Doctor!“

„You don't have to worry. This is Site-91.“

„And nothing ever happens at Site-91.“

The story of Site-91 is written chronologically for easier orientation in the plot, but it contains all the subplots. The canon is currently still being written.


Tales from Site-91 - Part I. - "A warm welcome"
Written by UtylikeUtylike

„I thought you could use something to warm you up. I'm always cold on this side of the building.“


Tales from Site-91 - Part II. - "The Specialist"
Written by UtylikeUtylike

Site-91 didn't mean much to her, though she understood the obvious, of course. It's a foundation site. And that was enough for her. She didn't even know the 'Slavík' she was supposed to deliver the letter to.


Tales from Site-91 - Part III. - "Secrets"
Written by UtylikeUtylike

Whenever someone asked, he would reply with a friendly, "Sorry, but that's classified," or "I'd like to talk about it, but it's better if we leave it alone."


Tales from Site-91 - Part IV. - "Festive Mood"
Written by UtylikeUtylike

Six carp schnitzels in a nice Czech way, the way Chris knew it since he was a kid. His mother was Czech and he had been in her care most of his life, so he was used to Christmas carp.


SCP-3814 - Tag! You're it!
Written by UtylikeUtylike

„The tag must go on.“


SCP-023-CS - Why won't he just leave me alone?
Written by UtylikeUtylike

„Why does it matter? I don't care. The thing's still… it's still gonna come for me again.“

Don't Fight The Monsters
Written by UtylikeUtylike

He nodded and watched as Ike revealed what was behind his back. It was a bottle of whiskey. Maybe today wouldn't be a write-off just yet…


Brush Strokes
Written by UtylikeUtylike

„Theoretically. It says that with each brushstroke, the subject becomes anchored in reality. And it takes a lot of strokes before you're completely real. It might take a few years.“


When They Put Me Up Against the Wall Tomorrow Morning at Five O'clock.
Written by UtylikeUtylike

He took both envelopes in his hands and looked for a moment at his name on one of them, which seemed much heavier.

SCP-034-CS - My Forgotten Treasure
Written by UtylikeUtylike

„I had a dream about the girl. She was amazing… I don't know what the dream was about or what she looked like, but I vaguely remember us looking at the stars and talking.“

Written by UtylikeUtylike

„What are you doing?“ Elliot asked her. Ari pulled out one sparkler and tucked the box back in. She looked into his eyes and squeaked, „A miracle.“

Just This One Halloween Night
Written by UtylikeUtylike

„All right, all right, everybody calm down. I'm sure you all know why we're here…“


Shadow and Frost Around Us
Written by UtylikeUtylike

It was winter, the evening of the twenty-fourth of December, 2014…


SCP-3423 - Inspirational Window
Written by UtylikeUtylike

„After several complaints and injuries, I would like to formally request additional containment measures.“


How I Traded My Armor For a Cloak
Written by Aidam7Aidam7

„It's been an honor to serve you, Captain.“

The Day All of Site-91 Shot At Each Other
Written by Aidam7Aidam7

„So, here we are in the Blue base, they have blue balls, as I'm sure you've figured out, and the rubber mat with the hole in it is a flag holder, and it's the same on the Red side.“


SCP-032-CS - Mr. Fear
Written by LilyFoxyLu LilyFoxyLu

„Fear will accompany you always and everywhere. That's just life.“

SCP-230-CS - Lightgame
Written by UtylikeUtylike

„Most people in this world are like darker versions of the ones I know. It's almost as if all the desaturation around us has affected people.“


Containment Engineers Hold Together
Written by Aidam7Aidam7

„I have a bad feeling about this, it's weird how it was all done without any advance notice. Only O5 told us they would bring us an SCP.“


SCP-4010 - Attempt To Look At What We Accomplished
Written by UtylikeUtylike

„I've run into my first problem. The years don't match. At least not all of them, but if one year is wrong, how can I be sure of the rest?“

SCP-3623 - She Was My Muse
Written by UtylikeUtylike

„This is getting to be too much for me. Just… try to think of something. Please. For me.“

Other Tales From Site-91

SCP-002-CS-J - I'll fix it, don't worry!
Written by UtylikeUtylike

At the time of the incident, the CCTV system was disconnected throughout the Site, along with the county road. This fault was quickly repaired.

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