Order MEF-2839

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03/12/2014 Cyców

Order ID: MEF-2839

Client: A.R.G.U.S. Inc.

Service type: Sale

Order specification: 14 sets of "Adramalech" model 35 weapons. Additionally, customer training in the use of the above-mentioned weapons.

Important informations: Weapons of the "Adramalech" type are characterized by lower EZAW energy consumption, but nevertheless their maintenance is required at least once a year. According to the contract, we will perform their maintenance until 03/12/2022 with the possibility of extending the contract.

Shipping date: 04/12/2014


The "Adramalech" rapid-fire weapon is one of the newest marvels of technology that has left the Hunter Labs. Tested in battle by professionals, powered by ecological energy EZAW, rapid-fire automatic rifle "Adramalech" is what you need!

8mm energy bullets, no need to reload. However, be careful that the weapon does not overheat. All instructions on how to observe this can be found in the attached manual.

In our laboratories, we obtain EZAW energy from willing suppliers who have signed a contract with us. Then, thanks to special tanks isolated from the rest of the world, for the benefit of the supplier, EZAW energy is collected, which then filtered and modified by our devices is used in weapons such as "Adramalech".

"But won't weapons be destroyed by energy?" And you don't have to worry about that, dear customer! We use organic material obtained as a by-product of EZAW energy harvesting, fused together with hellorite. Then, the organic material mixed with hellorite can be formed into weapons in specially prepared templates that will meet your needs. After carefully checking the quality of the gun removed from the mold, a small EZAW energy tank is connected in the place where the magazine would normally be. The weapons made of organic material and hellorite are much more durable and withstand the EZAW energy better than standard models.

"Adramalech" is available in 5 colors and has fully modifiable parts. Everything to adapt the weapon to the needs of both individual customers and larger companies.

Have you lost your gun? No problem! Thanks to our "Third Eye" observation system, our help desk will be able to remotely lock a lost weapon and send its location to the rightful owner. Any attempt to modify the "Third Eye" system is associated with the blocking of the weapon and the consequences of Appendix 21 of the contract.

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- "Fenrir" laptop, one charge will last 2 years on average
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HunLab: We are having some problems gathering enough EZAW energy to complete the assignment for Argus, a delay may be needed.

Voice recording from the EZAW collecting tank # 21: Fools, you think I will be trapped forever? WHEN I GET THERE, I WILL SAY IT ALL TO THE SECURITY FORCES AND GET THEM HERE THIS IS A VIOLATION OF OUR CONTRACT

HunSec: EZAW collecting tank #21 has been emptied, its demonic contents treated with CHARON42 and sent back to the demonic reality layer with memory set #441. Place supplier #382 with whom the contract ends in 2122 in the tank.

From: Eryk Niedzielski, A.R.G.U.S. Inc.
To: @HunterIndustries
Topic: MEF-2839
Content: Hello,
I'm sure you know about it, but the entire shipment of weapons promised in the contract did not arrive. Instead of 14 sets, we got 10. I hope the matter will be resolved quickly. Best regards.

From: Tomasz Kowalski, Hunter Industries
To: Eryk Niedzielski, A.R.G.U.S. Inc.
Topic: Re:MEF-2839
Content: Hello,
I am sorry to hear that one of our leading customers did not fully receive the delivery. We will ship the remaining 4 sets as quickly as possible. However, I can guarantee that it is not our fault. Our EZAW energy supplier temporarily complicated the cooperation with us, but everything was resolved and the supplier changed. Additionally, as compensation, we can send 4 special bulletproof vests with our logo. Best regards.

From: Eryk Niedzielski, A.R.G.U.S. Inc.
To: Tomasz Kowalski, Hunter Industries
Topic: Re:Re:MEF-2893
Content: Thank you for your quick answer, but do I have any guarantee that this energy supplier will not complicate the cooperation? Best regards.

From: Tomasz Kowalski, Hunter Industries
To: Eryk Niedzielski, A.R.G.U.S. Inc.
Topic: Re:Re:Re:MEF-2839
Content: Hello,
Have you ever tried to ask a Class C demonic entity to cooperate yourself? Best regards.

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