Order MEF-7629

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03/12/2023 Cyców


Client: Client #1138

Service type: Sale

Order specification: 5 "Oni" camouflage suits and 5 "Rokita" type pistols. In addition, customer training in the above-mentioned weapons.

Important informations: The client explicitly asked to remain anonymous, in the most of company's records. Thus, the customer's serial number was used.

Shipping date: 04/12/2023


Your profession requires you to be extremely quiet, discreet and not attracting attention to yourself? Do you think that typical military suits made of plastic and bushes are not enough? Do you also want to look stylish? The "Oni" camouflage suit is the perfect product for you!

Using the latest technology from HunterLabs, the person wearing the "Oni" suit becomes virtually invisible! How did we get there, you may ask? By combining the fabric cover with the condensed force sourced from our suppliers, the suit becomes invisible, completely reflecting and refracting light from the suit.

Each "Oni" suit is tailor-made for each client, before ordering, we ask for a blood sample to connect it with the suit's material. Thanks to this, each single copy can be personalized just for you! This also allows the suit to become visible when the wearer thinks about it. A fully trained person will be able to fully master it.

What more cautious might ask, what about thermal cameras? We have a solution for that as well. Using condensed essences from our suppliers, the user can automatically adjust the suit's temperature to the ambient temperature. Thanks to that, it will also be unnoticeable on thermal cameras.

The "Oni" suits are available in 20 colors with the option of having a personalized mask.

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Do you want to kill someone without leaving any traces, but are also a professional with certain standards? This is the perfect product for you! Hunter Industries presents the "Rokita" pistol!

Nobody likes to have dirty clothes or walls while doing some dirty work. After many attempts, HunterLabs has created the perfect weapon for such people! How did we do it? The gun is powered by organic essence from our suppliers, the gun is capable of firing 20 shots before refilling it. After hitting a target, the projectile disintegrates, filling the living target with essence from our supplier. After about 5 seconds, the target dies of cardiac arrest. For a trained person with a good accuracy, one shot is absolutely enough to kill. There is no trace of the bullet on the target.

The "Rokita" pistol is available in 14 colors and is fully modifiable. Accessories paid extra.

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A sound preventing sleep has been detected. Possibilities for action: checking the sound, continuing to rest. Selected action: checking the sound.

The man in gray pajamas straightened automatically from the lying position in the bed. Almost immediately, he began to look around the room, his movements resembling a scan. He leaned against the bed without waking his wife lying next to him, then straightened up into a sitting position. Darkness would make it much harder for a normal person to notice anything, but he didn't have such a weakness. He could clearly see his ornate bedroom and part of the hallway.

Unusual sound detected again. Location: kitchen door. Possible actions: ignore them, check the sound. Selected action: check the sound. The walking sequence has begun

The man began to take a few steps towards the door when suddenly he heard a voice from behind the bed.

"Right behind you" said a heavily modulated, almost demonic voice.

The man turned on his heel towards the source of the sound and took a step closer. He noticed a figure in a black suit with purple, slightly leaf-like patterns on it. On its face there was a black mask with purple patterns resembling Japanese demons. The figure was pointing a pistol at him.

Possible actions: get shot (risk of death), take cover (increased chance of survival). Chosen action: take cover. Grip sequence started.

The man immediately grabbed the still sleepy wife and set it in front of him, as if as a shield. The gun fired. The bullet, despite hitting the woman centrally between the eyes, crashed. The woman became much livelier and started to walk aside screaming voices up at the sky, talking about some beast. Then, she simply fell to the floor, all her life energy drained away.

Threat identification in progress… Threat has been identified. Projectile that releases a demonic entity. Threat to system integrity: 0

The man spread his hands and stared straight at the killer's mask.

"Come on, shoot me. Your weapons are ineffective against a perfectly human being like me" he said, laughing loudly.

The masked assassin sighed, pulled out a second pistol, and fired a shot. The bullet pierced the man's skull perfectly between the eyes.

The systems are shutting down. Critical fail-

Anomalous Warsaw Courier

Warsaw 05/12/2023 6.99 PLN


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