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"Please relax ma'am. Make yourself at ease. Would you like some water, ma'am?"

"N-n-o, I-I don't… Oh my God! Jesus Chri…"

"Please, have some water, take a deep breath, and try to relax. Everything is under control now. You're safe."

"Can I… can I smoke here? P-p-please?"

"Sure, feel free to. I'll have one, too. Relax. It's no rush, we can stay as long as you like."

"Sh-should I… iden… identify my…"

"Please, you don't have to worry about that. We're going take care of all the formalities later. Do you feel better?"

"I… I think so."

"Good. Now, please, could you tell me what you remember? I'm sorry I'm pushing you, but it's something I need to know."

"It grew. It grew in the center of the city! I… the ground had broken in that place, and I turned around. It was terrifying! My God! Wh-wh-what was it?"

"You see, we think it might've been extraterrestrial technology."

"Excuse me?! But…"

"Our country has been observed by alien lifeforms for a long time. Many of us have been replaced with our robotic copies against our will."

"But… how? I mean…"

"It means that many of your family members and your friends have lain on operating tables for a long time — if they were fortunate, that is. What you saw was genetically-modified human tissue. In layman's terms, it's a ball made of a great number of mashed people. Of course, they've been conscious the whole time. I'd bet that someone you talked to yesterday became part of that ball today."

"My God…"

"Unfortunately, because you are a witness, chances are, they are going to hunt you. They can track their targets by their fear. The more afraid you are, the quicker you'll be tracked down. Please, remember to breathe. You are in luck, because we can help you."

"H-h-help me?"

"That's right. They're probably going to brutally murder your entire family in order to increase the fear you feel. However, you're going to be safe here with us. Unfortunately, we're going to have to transfer your soul into a special biomass. Don't worry, though — you're going to be fully aware. In a sense, you're also going to be a very fortunate person. The Earth, in about twelve hours, is going to cease to exist. Though by the time that happens, we'll be safe and sound in a secure facility on Mars."


"Please, remember to breathe. I know all of this is difficult to absorb. Please, have this. It's going to help you. Everything is going to be all right. Yes, have some water. It may be a bit bitter."

"Where am I? What happened?"

"You've had a heat stroke. Nothing too serious. Please, follow the paramedic. He's going to take you to hospital."

"My God. I've never experienced a worse nightmare… the one I just had."

"It happens in many of these situations. It was just a dream. You are safe. Goodbye, and recover quickly, ma'am!"

"Thank you, sir, and goodbye!"

"Bored, Agent?"

"Just a bit."

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